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SFX Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser White


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Was: £52.21 Was: £62.65

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  • SFX Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser
    Available in White.
    Dimensions: H: 240mm W: 96mm D: 65mm
    * Countdown to next spray - Provides health and safety visual warning for next spray time, preventing Service personnel being sprayed in the eyes/face. Also indicates the unit is working.
    * Large LCD Screen - Provides easy to read verification of Dispenser operation, including visual refill alerts.
    * Intensity Plus Event Timer - Allows three pre-set times when the dispenser will spray three times in rapid succession. This feature provide more fragrance to be delivered at busy times in the location.
    * Real Time Programme - Allows user to set start time and end time therefore maximising on hours of operation and conserving refill life for hours the business is open.
    * Easy or Rent button - If full programmability is not required the user may select the Rent button for quick and easy programming. This feature allows 30, 45, or 60 days settings operating 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. No alarm features are activated whilst in use - specifically good for service providers.
    * Economic Battery Usage - The dispenser uses C cell batteries. Battery life is up to 3 years (dependent on conditions) and C cells are generally a lot cheaper than D cells. This reduces cost in use.
    * Lockable Battery Compartment - Incorporates a lockable battery compartment preventing theft of batteries.
    * Programme verification - For programme setting verification the user can press and hold the programme button for 4 seconds to confirm all programmed settings. This is of benefit to installers to verify operation times.
    * Automatic re-set switch - On replacement of a fragrance refill an automatic re-set switch recognises when there is no refill present. On refitting the refill the auto re-set switch re-sets the programme to the existing setting.
    * Key - Locked dispenser cabinet - The same key operates all dispensers in the range. The lock feature prevents theft of refills.
    * Refill Empty Alerts - The LCD screen displays the life of a refill.
    * Choice of refill options - A choice of 4 high quality fragrance refills available with 3000 metered sprays per can.
    * Test Button - A simple feature that™s often overlooked! To verify operation of the aerosol with a 5 second countdown alert before spraying.
    * Cabinet hinge operation - The cabinet hinges upwards and not down, which makes the replacement of refills easier, safer and more accurate.

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    Guarantee10 Years
    Manufacturer Reference NumberADIS-1SFX/
    Dimensions (L) x (W) x (H)240 x 96 x 65 mm
    Battery TypeC Cell
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    Can this device be wall mounted ?

    Date: 11/07/2013 | By Steve
    Hello Steve
    It most certainly can - and comes with all the necessary wall fixings.
    Kind regards
    D365 - Product Team

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