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Vectair Systems - Innovators in Aircare and Hygiene

Vectair Systems - Innovators in Aircare and Hygiene

Want something you can service or replace in just a few seconds?

One of the big benefits of Vectair's 'Professional Passive Programme' range is it's simplicity and ease of use. Products contain no liquids so there can be no leaks in transport. They contain no batteries and work with just natural air. Once they have done their job and are ready to be replaced, refills can be recycled (subject to local regulations).

The range includes V-Air® SOLID Evolution non-aerosol fragrance system, Wee-Screen® 30-day urinal screens, P-Screen® 60-day urinal screens,  Airloop® "clip and go, clip and throw" toilet fragrance clip, and the EcoShell® "clip and go, clip and throw" universal air freshener.

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