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At Direct365 we’re seasoned veterans in all business related supplies. We’ve been supplying the dental trade with amalgam separators for years, whether you call or click you can be sure that, if we can, we'll supply you with the right amalgam separator for your practice. All we need to know is what type and make of suction pump you are using and how many chairs are connected to it. 

What is an amalgam separator?
An amalgam separator is used in dental practices to remove up to 96.6% of amalgam particles from your waste water stream. Amalgam particulate can contain up to 50% mercury, so it’s vital to ensure that waste water is filtered to stop hazardous waste entering regular waste water outlets.

What suction system do you have?
We supply amalgam separators for Wetline and Semi Dry Line suction pumps.

- Wet line Suction Pumps
These suction pumps allow for extremely high suction pressure. The water is pumped between the rotor blades and the casing, providing a tight seal which increases pressure.
This type of suction pump is used in all gas applications because of the low explosion risk.

- Semi and Dry Line Suction Pump
This suction pump provides lower pressure to that of the Wet Line Suction Pump.
The Semi Dry Line Suction Pump has an air water separator which spins the water from the air with centrifugal force. The water is filtered to stop hazardous waste entering waste water systems.

Is it the Law?
In accordance with the Hazardous Waste Regulation 2005, it is illegal to allow amalgam-contaminated waste water to exit the dental practise. Amalgam waste can contain up to 50% mercury – it is vital that it is separated.
Amalgam separators must be fitted to your existing suction pumps in order to be legally compliant.

We only use the best
We’ve been supplying the dentistry industry for years. We’ve been around the block a few times and are confident in the amalgam separators we supply.
Our supplier of choice is Alvaley - The world’s most durable and cost effective separator (we think!)

  • Their units are tested by TUV NORD Germany
  • Have over 96.6% Separation Rate
  • Class 2 Sedimentation and Class 4 Filtration
  • ISO/EN11143
  • Simple to install
  • No power required
  • Made of chemical resistant material

We know sometimes you’re in a hurry, or may need some assistance. Although we’re not dentists by trade, we know everything there is to know about dental waste management. Give us a call to discuss your requirements.