Telefunken AED Fully Automatic Defibrillator with Verbal CPR Prompts

£792.00 (£950.40 inc VAT)£950.40 (£792.00 exc VAT)

FREE Accessory bundle worth £174.

Rescue Ready Accessory Kit
Carry Case
AED Defibrillator wall bracket (23 x 18 x 14 cm)
AED Trained Personal Sign, AED Sign
AED Nearest AED sign
AED for Untrained Personal Poster (A2)
AED Defibrillator & CPR Poster (A2)

Telefunken AED offers high quality and outstanding value. The fully automatic AED is designed to deliver a shock only if it is required and the First Aider does not even need to press the shock button- the defibrillator does everything for you.

The Telefunken FA1 AED Defibrillator is a fully automatic defibrillator that is simple to use requiring no intervention to provide a shock - the first aider does not need to press a button to deliver the shock. The Telefunken FA1 AED provides support to the first aider with both visual and verbal instructions. During the resuscitation process the AED will assist the first aider in both the heart massage and mouth to mouth resuscitation.  The 'i' button (information button) provides information about the time the AED has been in use and the number of shocks that have been given since the last time the device has been switched on. 

The Telefunken FA1 AED is easy to maintain and conducts automatic daily and monthly self-tests.  This defibrillator offers high quality and safety at outstanding value. The Telefunken FA1 AED includes electrode pads, battery cartridge and a free carry case and rescue ready accessory kit. This defibrillator comes with a 6 year warranty (excludes electrodes and battery).

More Information
Guarantee 6 Year
Brand Telefunken
Finish/Colour Grey
Defibrillator Type Fully Automatic AED
Manufacturer Reference Number 871848127102
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