Trojan 50 Litre Safety Waste Bins in Black or Aluminium


Black or aluminium

Suitable for offices


£52.96 (£63.55 inc VAT)£63.55 (£52.96 exc VAT)

These are all steel self-extinguishing safety waste bins are ideal for office and industry. In the event of a fire inside the bin their unique design shuts off oxygen and the flames are extinguished. Not only are they great at protecting your office or place of work from unwanted fires of safety threats, they look stylish and fitting, at the same time. Available in 50 litres, they are suitable for an office or space of any capacity all whilst keeping your office secure and professional. 

50 litres

Colour: Black or aluminium

More Information
Brand Trojan
Finish/Colour Black
Volume 50 litres
Capacity 50 litres
Average Lead Time 3-5 Days
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