Ultimate Recycled Jumbo Toilet Roll- 12 Rolls

£19.50 (£23.40 inc VAT)£23.40 (£19.50 exc VAT)
Saves up to 60% on other toilet rolls.

Ultimate jumbo technology by using compact, ultra low-bulk, good quality 2 ply paper, high tension wrapping with a smaller core and standard sheet length, we've managed to get more sheets on our ultimate jumbo roll than you get on a 300m jumbo roll.

Fits the Ultimate Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser.

30% saving: twin dispenser saves you approx. 30% against single roll dispenser- no stub-roll waste.

20% Saving: Dispenser has a brake on the spindle reducing roll-spinning, saving at least 20% on waste.

10% saving: More sheets per roll than a 300m jumbo- means less paper used saving at least 10% over longer shifts.

Case size has almost a 40% smaller footprint than a 150m mini jumbo case size- less storage space required.

Equivalent to almost thirteen standard toilet rolls per dispenser fill-less staff time refilling.

Single roll shutter- doesn't allow the use of the 2nd roll until the first one is finished.

Dispenser measures only 330 W x 190 H x 120 D mm

More Information
Case Quantity 12
Brand Stream Hygiene
Ply 2 Ply 12 Rolls
Number of Sheets 1167 sheets
Tissue/Towel Type Jumbo

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£42.30 ex VAT

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