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V-Air® SOLID MVP Air Freshener Dispenser


Multi-phasing air freshener technology

VOC exempt & carbon neutral

Part of the stylish MVP range of dispensers

From £6.89

The V-Air® SOLID MVP dispenser is part of the Vectair MVP dispenser range. It is discreet and complementary to all interior surroundings, allowing for enhanced natural airflow. It is designed to carry the multi-award winning V-Air® SOLID Air Freshener Multi-Phasing Refill Cartridges. It utilises pioneering multi-phasing, sub-micron air freshener technology through a passive dispenser and solid fragrance cartridge, delivering consistent fragrance intensity and avoiding fragrance fatigue. The MVP dispenser is secure and durable, with open sides to enable enhanced natural airflow which provides superior multi-phasing fragrance delivery for up to 60 days.

V-Air® SOLID is VOC exempt and free of batteries, HFCs, propellants and solvents. It is also carbon neutral and carbon footprint approved by Carbon Footprint Ltd, categorising it as one of the safest and smartest air freshener’s available. V-Air® SOLID refills are part of the Harmonize Your World program – providing matching fragrances across different aircare systems.

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- Sleek & discreet in virtually all interior environments such as washrooms, offices, hotel rooms & lobby's and lifts/corridors.

- Carbon neutral and Carbon Footprint Ltd. approved V-Air® SOLID MVP dispenser and V-Air® SOLID refill.

- Ultra slim, eye catching passive dispenser design.

- Allows for natural airflow to come into direct contact with the refill. Enhances fragrance dispersal, naturally.

- V-Air® SOLID is VOC exempt and environmentally friendly.

- Part of the ‘Vectair MVP’ range of dispensers. Co-ordinate your washroom facility with cutting edge designs and the latest technology.

- Can be wall mounted and free standing.

- Secured by lock & key system.

- Dispenser made from 100% recyclable materials. Refills derived from organic ingredients.

- Fragrance delivery of up to 60 days

Dimensions: 63mm (l) x 70mm (w) x 144mm (h)

Weight: 108g

Colour: Available in white, chrome or black.

Fans to enhance this product are not longer available.

For the ultimate in style, choose the brand new Vectair MVP range of dispensers - mixes cutting edge design with innovative solutions for all hygiene facilities. The Vectair MVP range of washroom dispensers take air care & hygiene technology to the next level. The co-coordinating range of dispensers are available in white, white and chrome or white and black.

See video to view the full range of stylish, co-ordinating dispensers in a washroom setting:

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Brand V-Air
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