V-Air® Solid Plus Air Freshener Dispenser- White

£111.30 (£133.56 inc VAT)£133.56 (£111.30 exc VAT)

Multi-phasing, non-aerosol dispenser

Provides continuous and consistent fragrance to large spaces

Programmable – set the right atmosphere at the right time

The new, V-Air® Sold Plus utilizes pioneering multi-phasing air freshener technology to provide continuous fragrance to large spaces up to 500m³ in size. (This unit has replaced the Omniscent). Through a solid fragrance cartridge, with a ceramic outer and inner fragrance core, high quality fragrances are released via the V-Air® SOLID PLUS dispenser, delivering consistent fragrance intensity continually for up to 30 days. See product video https://youtu.be/-t0c8v27rnw

Multi-phasing technology: The V-Air® Solid Plus cartridge is uniquely constructed from ceramic, infused with high quality perfumes, which are then complemented by an integrated internal fragrance core. These combine and diffuse powerful key fragrance notes that subtly change to avoid fragrance fatigue.

Environmentally friendly: V-Air® Solid Plus cartridges are solvent, propellant and aerosol free, non-hazardous for all modes of transportation and VOC exempt. As the aircare dispenser is mains powered, the Solid Plus doesn’t rely on batteries either.

Sub-micron technology: V-Air® Solid Plus fragrance particles enable superior delivery, yet are sized typically below 1.0 micron. This means they are much smaller and lighter than the particles in other fragrance systems, remaining airborne for many hours.

Programmable dispenser: The V-Air® Solid Plus dispenser is programmable for your convenience with the choice of low / medium / high output options, hours of operation, days of operation and start time. This allows the user to set the right atmosphere at the right time – enhancing interior environments in the process.

Dimensions: 265mm (h) x 147mm (w) x 120mm (dd)

Coverage: 500m3

Power rating: 50W

Voltage: 220vac – 240vac

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Brand V-Air
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