Vileda Ultra Spin Mop Head



Ultra Efficient Mopping with Dry Wring in Seconds

100% Microfibre washable mop head

Blue 100% Microfibre UltraSpin Mop Head to fit the Vileda UltraSpin Mopping System.  

The Mop head is machine washable.  Mop head only supplied.

Handle, Bucket, Mop Head Frame and full kits are available separately


The Vileda UltraSpin Kit combines a revolutionary spinning press with a 100% microfibre mop head.

Its super absorbency makes it great of quick mopping up of spills.  As you control how wet the mop is, it is versatile enough to  use on all applications from very wet mopping to almost dry mopping of delicate floors

  • Dry wring in seconds
  • Innovative foot operated spinning cage wringer
  • Microfibre mophead washable 10 times
  • Ergonomic, no bending or stretching
  • Fast spill pick up, super absorbent
  • Wide 30cm floor coverage
  • Splash guard no water spillages
  • Triangular head for easy corner cleaning
  • Works on walls and floors.



More Information
Case Quantity 1
Brand Vileda
Material Plastic
Finish/Colour Blue
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