Wallace Cameron Adulto Premier Burns Dispenser

£72.00 (£86.40 inc VAT)£86.40 (£72.00 exc VAT)

Suitable For All workplace Environments

Includes Blue Detectable Plasters

Robust Plastic Case

The Adulto Burns Dispenser contains the Astroplast range of burns products. This non-medicated range is made up of sterile gelled water wraps which cool by constant evaporation, lowering the skin temperature after burn injury and preventing further damage to the skin by transferring heat away from the burn area. Furthermore, Sterikool reduces pain in partial thickness burns, by protecting the exposed nerve endings from the environment.

The inclusion of blue detectable plasters makes this kit suitable for all working environments including kitchens and food preparation areas

Contents of the Wallace Cameron Adulto Premier Burns Dispenser

Guidance Leaflet 1
Non-Adherent Dressings 5
Conforming Bandages 2
Blue Detectable Tape 1
Sterikool Burn Pads 3
Sterikool Burn Rolls 9
Burn/Wound Lint Pads 10
Safety Pins 12
Scissors 1
Accident Report Book

More Information
Case Quantity 1
Brand Wallace Cameron
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