White Pedal Bin Liner - 11x17x17" Case of 1000

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White Pedal Bin Liner
Case of 1000
White Pedal Bin Liner
Refuse Sack Ex Light Density White Swing Bin
Case of 10 x 100 (1000 liners)
Size 11" x 18" x 18"
A guide to refuse sacks:
With factors such as the climate change levy, landfill directives and packaging waste regulations impacting upon the workplace, the types of sacks a business uses can help a business confirm to the various laws and legislation.
Our range includes standard black, white and clear sacks in a range of sizes and weights to catering for various bin sizes, from wheelie bins to desk side waste bins.

We also offer a range of specialist coloured sacks; including for clinical waste, hazardous waste and waste segregation (recycling).
Sack Dimensions:
As a basic guide in most cases sacks are manufactured within stated tolerances and performance criteria. As a rule of thumb sacks can be graded n a simple scale; corresponding to drop weight tests:
Light Duty = 5kg,
Medium Duty = 10kg,
Heavy Duty = 15kg, and
Extra Heavy Duty = 20kg.
Typically a sack will have three measurements; closed width which is referred to as (GW) as most sacks have a gusset, the fully open width (OW) and the length of the sack (L). Where the sack has no closed width or gusset it is typically referred to as a Pillow Sack
More Information
Case Quantity 1000
Dimensions (L) x (W) x (H) 11" x 18" x 18"
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