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Window fly stickers (Pack of 4)


Discreet, attractive and practical solution

Pack of 20 window stickers

No chemicals or odours

£3.28 (£2.73 exc VAT)

Window fly stickers effectively exploit the attraction flies have to windows and light. With an attractice and decorative floral design, this product can be placed discreetly on windows to capture nuisance flies. The fly stickers are effective for up to 3 months, after which they can be removed easily without leaving any mess.

- Discreet, attractive and practical solution.

- Exploits attraction to light and warmth.

- Safe and unobtrusive - no chemicals or odours.

- Powerful adhesive will hold largest houseflies.

- Effective for up to three months.

- Supplied in a pack of 4.

Dimensions: 12mm (h) x 225mm (w) x 2mm (d)


Please note, a minimum order quantity of 20 packs applies.

More Information
Brand Pest-Stop
Control Type Trap
Pest Type Flies
Manufacturer Reference Number Procter
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