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Fire Warden Training Course

Fire Warden Training Course
  • City & Guilds certificate
    Get your workers qualified with certified safety credentials
  • Time-efficient teaching
    We'll deliver an effective training structure providing enough information in one day
  • Hazard-prevention tips
    Ensure knowledge of the safest practices is taught throughout your business
  • Professionally accredited
    Our comprehensive course is based around current UK legislation
  • Professional, friendly environment
    Our expert trainers will welcome you and answer your safety questions
  • Nationwide service
    Our fantastic help is available no matter where you are in the UK

Fire safety is a huge part of our helpful business services at Direct365. Alongside fire safety testing and products, we provide professional training courses to help you prepare your workforce. Our one-day Fire Warden course is City & Guilds certified and covers Fire Warden roles as well as causes of fires, control methods and risk assessments.

The Fire Warden qualification is ideal for people who want to take on the specific fire safety tasks associated with being a fire marshal. This course gives guidance on the responsibilities for those in charge of workplace fire safety, so you can have confidence in the wellbeing of your business.

Once the course has successfully been completed, participants receive a City & Guilds Fire Warden certificate and can go on to help your company stay safe from fines, fire damage and fatalities. Don’t hesitate, contact 0808 223 0690 or complete a query form to find a course near you.

This course will help your business to fulfil Duty of Care requirements by providing thorough fire safety information and preparing delegates for emergency situations, including area searches and evacuations. The day will end with a theory test to ensure participants have been adequately trained.

The agenda includes:

  • Fire safety legislation and regulations
  • An overview of workplace injuries and incidents statistics
  • The characteristics of fire, fire spread and common causes
  • Health effects of extreme heat and smoke exposure
  • Fire risk assessment and control methods
  • Portable firefighting equipment and fixed detection systems
  • Principles of fire safety, including alarms, evacuation and escape plan
  • Duties of the fire warden in a fire emergency

As stated in the Regulatory Reform Order, it’s a legal requirement for businesses to have employees trained as fire wardens. It’s compulsory to have a warden for each floor in every building, although ideally businesses need at least two wardens per floor in order to cover each other for time off. Don’t hesitate to train multiple people, as one warden can only do so much.

Training is a key part of keeping your company compliant. This course will equip members of your business with fire safety knowledge and practical skills to help evacuate the workforce in an emergency.

Having qualified delegates in the workplace also acts as a legal safety net, proving that due care and caution have been prioritised. The programme will touch on up-to-date legislation, regulations and guidance, so you can adhere to all the rules you need to. Most importantly, safety training for fire emergency saves lives – for peace of mind for your business, get in touch today!

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