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Manual Handling Training Course

Manual Handling Training Course
  • Compliant to HSE guidelines
    Our comprehensive course is based around current UK legislation
  • Time-efficient teaching
    We'll deliver an effective training structure providing enough information in three hours
  • Valid for three years!
    Certificates for this short course are legally effective for three years
  • Hazard-prevention tips
    Ensure knowledge of the safest practices is taught throughout your business
  • Professional, friendly environment
    Our expert trainers will welcome you and answer your safety questions
  • Nationwide service
    Our fantastic help is available no matter where you are in the UK

Regulations define manual handling as any transporting or supporting of a load (an object, person or animal) by hand or bodily force, including lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying, moving, etc.

Many job roles will involve some kind of manual handling, so the course is helpful to all kinds of workers, from those who have an occasional manual task to those who transport loads all day. There are no entry requirements, meaning this course is suitable for all levels and occupations.

This short course covers all necessary information in just three hours, granting successful participants with a certificate valid for three years. The certification is 3B Training accredited, recognised by UK safety bodies and adherent to HSE guidelines.

For more information and to find a course near you, call 0808 223 0690 or complete the form below.

Delegates will learn how to improve their manual handling technique and how to conduct personal risk assessments with knowledge of potential hazards, helping them to reduce personal risk while handling.

The course is delivered in a classroom environment and is split into five sections: Introduction and Legislation; Risk Assessments; Identifying the Risks; Reducing and Controlling the Risks; and Techniques.

These sections encourage delegates to act cautiously and efficiently, ensuring they always analyse a load, lift it correctly and are aware of the impact lifting injuries have on a business and the surrounding regulations and legislation.

To pass the course, participates are tested by a short written assessment at the end of the training.

The HSE guidelines are in place to ensure businesses conduct safe practices and do not pose harm to anyone, including instances of manual handling. UK companies are legally bound to meet Duty of Care requirements and put steps in place to ensure staff and visitors are safe around handling activities.

Effective training courses help employees to understand the guidelines they must comply with. This certified training will act as a safety net for your company, both ethically and legally.

Getting the proper certification will benefit your business in various ways, so get your course sorted today!

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Manual Handling Training Course
Manual Handling Training Course