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Mental Health Training Course

Mental Health Training Course
  • Compliant to HSE framework
    Our comprehensive courses are based around current UK legislation
  • Time-efficient teaching
    We'll deliver an effective training structure providing enough information in just 1 day
  • Reduce stress-related absence
    Promote wellbeing and limit the cost of time off by supporting your workforce
  • Suitable for all businesses
    Small start-ups to large companies can benefit from our established training courses
  • Professional, friendly environment
    Our expert trainers will welcome you, answer questions and support your learning
  • Nationwide service
    Our fantastic help is available no matter where you are in the UK

Support is vital in every workplace. Employees in any industry can be affected by issues to do with stress and mental health, so it’s important for members of the team to know the best ways to manage challenging situations.

The Mental Health Training Course is suitable for leaders, managers and any individuals responsible for dealing with challenging workplace circumstances. It will help to achieve more engaged and motivated staff, a reduction in absence and associated costs, increased productivity and staff retention, and, in turn, more satisfied customers and visitors.

For more information and to find a course near you, call 0808 223 0690 or complete the form below.

This one-day course is designed to make a positive difference to the workplace by building individual and team resilience. A team member or the whole team can benefit from the expertise of our trainers with a class capacity of 6-24 learners.

The course covers:

  • CALMER framework (consider, acknowledge, listen, manage, enable and resource)
  • Supporting others and yourself
  • Coping with stress
  • Mental health
  • How to lead a resilient workforce


Wellbeing training is indispensable to all types of businesses, so don’t hesitate when it comes to strengthening your team.

Businesses are under a Duty of Care to provide a safe and healthy environment for staff and visitors. According to the HSE, employers have a legal responsibility to help their employees by assessing work-related issues and making reasonable adjustments.

You can reduce to risk of mental health difficulties in the workplace by offering emotional and practical support to employees in crises – that’s why companies who invest in wellbeing training have an improved professional reputation.

Millions of working days are lost per year due to work-related stress, don’t let your business be a part of that statistic. Start building a resilient team today.

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Mental Health Training Course
Mental Health Training Course