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Fire Wardens Interactive Course

Course Length:30-35 minutes

As a Fire Warden, you may be part of your organisation’s Evacuation Team and you will be responsible for ensuring that your area is evacuated safely and quickly in an emergency. This course will provide you with a guide to your daily duties as a Fire Warden.


What’s covered in each course chapter?

There are three chapters to this course which will each cover the following:


  • The elements of fire
  • Types of fire
  • Common causes of fire
  • Risk assessment
  • Fire equipment


Roles & Responsibilities

  • Fire Wardens
  • Fire Marshals
  • Taking action



  • Emergency evacuation
  • Managing people in an emergency


What are the benefits of the course & how is it delivered?

By law, every employer is responsible for fire safety in the workplace, meaning that they have a duty of care to ensure there have been adequate risk assessments carried out prior to allowing the workforce to enter commercial premises. Furthermore, there should be a responsible person assigned at the start of every day.

This interactive course is delivered online so users can study from their own computers or portable device from anywhere they choose. The course makes use of modern illustrative graphics to ensure it remains engaging throughout, and users will also be quizzed throughout the process, testing their knowledge at certain points along the way. This will be in preparation for a compulsory self-test at the end of the training course.


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