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Legionella Video

Course Length:10-15 minutes

Legionnaires’ (a form of pneumonia) is a potentially deadly disease which is commonly caused by the distribution of water droplets through air conditioning units infected with the bacterium known to us as Legionella. This course is vital to identify the risks and learn methods for prevention and control including knowledge of symptoms as well as practical steps to take against it.


What’s covered in each course chapter?

Legionnaire’s Disease

  • Legionella
  • Legionnaire's disease
  • Areas of risk


Assessing Risk

  • Requirements for a risk assessment
  • Identifying risks
  • Record keeping


Prevention and Control

  • Course of action
  • Preventative measures


What are the benefits of the course & how will it work?

The primary benefit of this course is to offer you the vital information required to prevent the cause of Legionella spread which, in some cases, could result in saving a life. This course is delivered in professionally produced video format that is entertaining and informative, and will offer the necessary information required to complete a risk checklist and self-test following the video.

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