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Winter Weather Awareness Interactive Course

Course Length:35-40 minutes

During the colder months, we all notice the change in travel conditions but how many of us drive more carefully? Winter weather can create life-threatening situations that many are oblivious to.

This course will help to prepare workers for their journey to and from work during winter months, including ways to reduce risks and maintaining safety.


What’s covered in each course chapter?

There are a series of scenarios in this course which will each cover the following:


Is your journey essential?

  • Preparing for your journey
  • Getting there safely
  • Visitor safety
  • Driving for work


During the day

  • Salting
  • Legal liabilities
  • Employer and employee responsibilities
  • The snow code


Working in cold conditions

  • Cold conditions
  • Temperature
  • Ill-health
  • Legislation


Preventing slips and falls in winter

  • Who is at risk if snow falls?


Forward planning in adverse weather

  • Caleb’s working day
  • What to look out for
  • Special requirements


What are the benefits of the course & how does it work?

This course offers crucial information to those who regularly carry out duties that involve working in cold conditions. The course will also benefit workers who travel long distances to get to work. Upon completion of the course, trainees will be aware of the importance of being prepared for bad weather.

The interactive course is delivered online so users can study from their own computers or portable device from anywhere they choose and it makes use of modern illustrative graphics to ensure it remains engaging throughout. Users will be quizzed throughout the process, testing their new knowledge along the way. This will be in preparation for a compulsory self-test at the end of training.


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