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LifeCycle Waste Management

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LifeCycle is a patented process which helps business’s to deal with washroom waste in an environmentally sustainable way. By taking hygiene products – including sanitary items, incontinent items and nappies – and diverting them away from landfill, LifeCycle enables waste to be used as an alternative fuel source.

The process means that people can enjoy the convenience of hygiene products, but also benefit from their disposal. Landfill diversion helps businesses to minimise their impact on the environment, giving the choice of eco-friendly practices and, in turn, a reputation of green initiatives. Call us today on 0808 274 7876 for more information and a free quote.

LifeCycle transforms soiled, unhygienic waste material into a sustainable and ethical fuel source. The process involves shredding wet products, breaking them down and then compressing them to remove the liquid. Converting the waste from wet to dry means that less energy is required for the burning process, making LifeCycle the most sustainable solution.

Chemical treatment means the waste keeps a stable structure so that it can function as refuse derived fuel (RDF). RDF can be used for electricity and heat production, reducing business’s reliance on limited fossil fuels.

Human waste levels are ever increasing, which means that businesses can no longer get away with poor Waste Management. The LifeCycle process reduces the need for incineration and landfill, acting as an economic alternative for costly disposal methods and reeling in the eco-catastrophe of waste dumping.

Capable for industrial scale diversion, LifeCycle is a perfect option for any type of business, big or small. With nationwide coverage, we can help businesses across the country to reach environmental goals, reduce carbon footprint and benefit from cost-effective sustainability.

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