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Security checked personnel

Security checked personnel

Our nappy waste technicians are all fully background checked

Waste sacks provided

Waste sacks provided

You'll get everything you need, like strong and hygienic disposal sacks

Flexible packages

Flexible packages

Think bespoke! We’re all about tailoring our service to suit your business

Choice of bin sizes

Choice of bin sizes

Choose from small indoor or large outdoor wheelie bins

Dirty Nappy Disposal & Collection

Disposing of nappies can be costly and troublesome. With strict regulations in place, your Nursery, Day-Care or Pre-School must be responsible and hygienic when dealing with nappy waste. Direct365 can help you follow the law without the worrying costs.

Our economical waste management services give you the freedom to focus on your business. We work with over 650 Nurseries nationwide, so you can trust that we’ll handle your dirty nappies and give you a range of options so that your contract fits your needs. Choose from indoor or outdoor bins, get the right disposal sacks and don’t worry about collection times – we’ll be flexible for you.

We know how important background checks are, so we’ll only allow DBS checked personnel to work on your premises. Let us save you time and money and get in touch for a free quote.

Waste bags made of 97% recycled content

All our bags used to collect and dispose of offensive and clinical waste are made of a minimum of 97% recycled content.

Aim to see 95% of waste we dispose avoid landfill

We aim to see 95% of the waste we dispose avoid landfill, creating a more sustainable process for the waste we are responsible for.

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What We'll do for You

Our service is designed to be flexible and hassle-free, saving you more time to look after your children.

As part of our service, we’ll provide you with either an indoor or outdoor bin depending on the amount of dirty nappies your business produces. Typically a larger playgroup or nursery that produces more than 2 sacks of waste per month will be better suited with our secure and hygienic outdoor wheelie bins.

All of the bins we provide include strong and convenient waste sacks for easily disposing of used nappies. Simply fill up your bins with the sacks and leave the rest to us.

Our disposal carriers are fully registered and dispose of all waste in accordance with UK laws and guidelines, so you can rest assured that your nursery is kept legally compliant. What’s more, all of our technicians are security checked and will ensure that your waste is removed discreetly and professionally with every collection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Clinical & Hygiene Waste Regulations?

Nurseries produce all sorts of waste, but not all of the waste produced by nurseries can just be thrown in the general waste bin and forgotten about. Some nursery waste is recyclable whilst unsanitary items like used nappies and wipes must be disposed of in accordance with UK legislation.

Under the Health Technical Memorandum published by the Department of Health, the unhygienic waste produced by nurseries, like used nappies and wipes, is classified as offensive/hygiene waste. This means that nurseries have a duty of care to ensure that offensive/hygiene waste is segregated from normal waste and only stored within safe and secure containers.

If offensive/hygiene waste is not disposed of responsibly it could pose a serious health risk to the infants and staff at your nursery, and even lead to substantial fines.

Call today to enquire about our expert nursery waste disposal services and ensure that your nursery complies with UK waste laws.

Resources & More Information

We're here to support nurseries in every way that we can, with our affordable and professional waste management services, and with our expertise and years of experience.

You can find more information about important government legislation relating to nursery waste, guidance for waste management and all sorts of other useful resources on the pages below:

Department of Health – The Health Technical Memorandum
The Health and Safety Executive – Managing Offensive/Hygiene Waste Safely
National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) – Nursery Manager’s Guide to Infection Control
Nursery World – Waste Management

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