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Offensive Waste Disposal Made Simple

Direct365’s offensive waste disposal service works wonders for organisations that need to comply with offensive waste regulations but are looking for a provider that will go that extra mile. As a business that prides itself on being like an extra member of your team, we think you’ve come to the right place. With 20 years' experience, Direct365 knows waste.

A nationwide waste collector with a five star reputation, Direct365 work with our thousands of clients to ensure that their offensive waste is collected on time, in a timely manner and for a cost that’s comfortable for them. Reliability is at the top of our agenda because we understand that breaching regulations can be a costly accident. With our collectors covering all regions from our local providers, there’s no need to worry about being caught out with your offensive waste.

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All our bags used to collect and dispose of offensive and clinical waste are made of a minimum of 97% recycled content.

We aim to see 95% of the waste we dispose avoid landfill, creating a more sustainable process for the waste we are responsible for.

What is Offensive Waste?

Offensive waste covers a number of types of waste, but the overarching idea is that these are materials that can cause offense, with the likes of nappy waste, sanitary waste, incontinence waste and more. These types of rubbish should be kept separate from all other waste, and not be mixed in your general waste or recycling bins. For quick, reliable offensive waste disposal, choose Direct365. With years of experience, you can count of us to keep you compliant.

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What Offensive Waste Can We Dispose Of?

Direct365 dispose of a wide range of offensive waste items. If your business frequently deals with situations that create offensive waste, you need to ensure you have a reliable service provider to dispose of the waste for you. With our bins and disposal service, the safety of your customers, staff and the public will be in the best hands. Some of the types of offensive waste Direct365 collect include:

  • Nappy Waste
  • Sanitary waste
  • Incontinence products
  • Botox waste
  • Offensive waste
  • Dressings
  • Waste contaminated with bodily fluids

Ensure your offensive waste is of the highest importance by choosing a service provider that knows the industry. And with 20 years’ worth of experience, let Direct365 keep your business safe and compliant.

 Why Choose Direct365 for Offensive Waste Disposal?

Why Choose Direct365 for Offensive Waste Disposal?

Offensive waste can be disposed of several ways. If the offensive waste isn’t hazardous then it can be disposed in either non-hazardous landfill or in an incinerator. Because it isn’t harmful/hazardous, the rules are slightly different. But you still need a fully licenced waste carrier to collect and dispose of offensive waste. That’s where Direct365 comes in.

There are plenty of reasons to choose Direct365 to collect and dispose of your offensive waste bin. Offensive waste management should be undertaken by fully licensed companies, and Direct365 are just that. Our nationwide services allow us to collect and dispose of hazardous and non-hazardous waste leaving you to concentrate on the things that you do best, like running your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to dispose of offensive waste properly?

It’s important to dispose of offensive waste properly because these types of waste are offensive in nature to people, and could upset those that come into contact with them. Whereby healthcare waste or hazardous waste could be harmful to people’s health, offensive waste is considered unpleasant and potentially off-putting to staff and customers.

Hygiene Waste vs. Offensive Waste

Hygiene waste and offensive waste are two different things. Hygiene waste isn’t always offensive, and can be put in general waste as long as it isn’t hazardous. Offensive waste is waste that is unpleasant and shouldn’t be put in normal general waste bins. Offensive waste may not be hazardous, unless it could cause harm to someone by way of disease or sickness.

How do we dispose of offensive waste?

Offensive waste is most commonly disposed of through incineration. Because offensive waste is unpleasant for humans and the environment, it is often incinerated so that it doesn’t come into contact with humans and can be completely disposed of safely. Additionally, offensive waste is sometimes disposed of in non-hazardous landfill. Direct365, however, aim to divert 95% of our waste away from landfill.

What are my legal obligations when disposing of offensive waste?

Offensive waste must be disposed of in a separate bin to other waste and shouldn’t be placed in a general waste bin. Offensive waste is disposed of in a separate bag and should be collected by a legally compliant carrier service so that this waste doesn’t get mixed up with other waste, such as hazardous or general waste.

Where in the UK can I get Offensive waste collection?

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