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Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal
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We're here for all business types accross the UK, including those in healthcare dealing with medical waste. You can't simply throw medication in a standard bin - it's hazardous, it's irresponsible and it's illegal. So, trust in our comprehensive Waste Management services to take the hassle out your hands (after all, it's what we do best!). 

Our specialist waste containers will safely store all pharmaceutical waste, from expired drugs to prescription medicine (including cytotoxic and cytostatic wastes). All of our recepticles are designed to seal shut and can be permanently sealed for security and health reasons once they've been filled. With a range of bin sizes and collection schedules available, we can meet your business's individual requirements.

Get a free, no-obligation quote by submitting an online enquiry, or call 0808 274 9742 for instant guidance.

At Direct365, we're trusted by healthcare businesses nationwide, providing safe, cost-friendly and compliant services for the disposal of solid dose medicines.

Our licensed waste carriers will come to your premises at a time to suit you, conducting professional and reliable collections without dirupting your business. We'll tailor your service around the amount of waste you produce, and compare suppliers to get you the lowest price around!

We provide the right bins as standard, and you'll even get waste transfer notes included for free - so you can prove your legal compliance with ease. So what are you waiting for? Get a Waste Management package with a bespoke collection schedule to suit your business's specific needs, with Direct365. 

Since the Landfill Directive came into use, pharmaceutical waste has transformed in order to fully comply with the correct laws. Every type of waste has an EWC code, which is a unique identifier that enables waste carriers to see exactly what your waste is and where it needs to go. An EWC code is printed on all clinical buckets and bags, including your pharmaceutical waste container (EWC Codes 18-01-08 and 18-01-09).

Businesses are fully accountable their waste production, whether that involves disposing of a tiny amount sporadically or a large amount each month. There’s a lot of legislation surrounding how you should dispose of clinical waste, and this is where we can help.

With every waste collection that contains hazardous material, we'll provide you with a detailed consignment note as standard. This means that you can prove your businesses's Duty of Care compliance and avoid the fines and prosecution associated with incorrect Waste Management.

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