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Free legal documentation

Free legal documentation

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Reliable client care

Reliable client care

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Discreet service

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Start-up friendly

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Sharps Waste Made Simple

For businesses that operate in certain sectors, disposal of sharps is an important part of ensuring the safety and cleanliness of their business. For beauticians, tattoo artists and medical centres, there’s a need to find sharps disposal that is consistent, reliable and value for money. That’s where Direct365 can help. Our sharps disposal service takes care of dangerous sharps waste ensuring you can concentrate on other things, safe in the knowledge that your shop is safe for customers.

The benefits of working with Direct365 are vast. Not only do we ensure the waste is collected in a safe manner, but we work with multiple providers across the UK to ensure you’re getting the cheapest deal and the best service on the market.

As well as the cost benefit, our team based in the UK are highly trained and skilled at helping businesses get what they need. Our knowledgeable sales and customer teams will listen to what you want and help you with what you need. Join 50,000 happy customers by getting a quote today.

All our bags used to collect and dispose of offensive and clinical waste are made of a minimum of 97% recycled content.

We aim to see 95% of the waste we dispose avoid landfill, creating a more sustainable process for the waste we are responsible for.

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What is Sharps Disposal?

Sharps disposal is exactly what it says on the tin. For businesses or organisations that use and gather sharp items – needles, cosmetic tools or medical equipment – these materials must be disposed of safely. Sharps bins are provided with our disposal service to further enhance the safety of your company. Our sharps disposal service will collect your waste and remove it from your premises. This is done at a regular frequency, and disposed of safely by us. Sharps box collection from Direct365 is always removed and disposed of legally, with documentation provided as proof.

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How do you Dispose of Sharps Waste?

Sharps waste is collected from our customers and always disposed of legally and safely. The vast majority of the time sharps are incinerated. Incineration is a process of treating waste materials with combustion. Incineration is a common and safe way to dispose of waste.

Why Choose Direct365 for Sharps Box Collection?

Why Choose Direct365 for Sharps Box Collection?

Customers find using Direct365 beneficial for different reasons depending on their priorities and the size of their business. Our reliable client care and knowledgeable customer-facing teams are factors we’re really proud of. And our high Trustpilot score would suggest that customers love dealing with us. For start ups or businesses that are unsure of what their responsibilities are, this is a huge plus.

Additionally, our tailored services are discreet and reliable. We work with partners that we vet to ensure the best standards possible across the whole UK. We also provide free legal documentation, that tells you where your waste was disposed of, for even greater peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your legal obligations?

Healthcare waste can seem like it’s governed by a complex puzzle of laws, making it impossible to get your head around. Let us take away the stress and keep you compliant with ease.

Businesses have a responsibility to ensure that their waste causes no damage, harm or infection – this is part of every company’s Duty of Care. The best way to guarantee this is by entrusting waste disposal to a licenced waste carrier, like us.

We’ll safely collect your clinical waste and ensure that your business adheres to current disposal laws. Some companies charge extra for the paperwork to prove compliance, but not us. We provide waste transfer/consignment notes as standard, so you don’t pay a penny to prove your Duty of Care!

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