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Non-Hazardous Waste

At Direct365 we specialise in providing a reliable non-hazardous waste disposal service. We've years of experience in nappy waste collection, sanitary bin disposal and more, so you can be assured that our contaminated waste management service will keep you safe and compliant with UK law.

Contaminated waste can't simply be disposed of in the general waste bin due to environmental and health concerns, which is why our non-hazardous waste management service will ensure that your non-hazardous waste is disposed of properly. We can provide you with a whole range of modern, easy to use and attractive waste bins for all of your waste removal needs.

Our service is flexible and reliable to meet your non-hazardous waste collection requirements for any business type. We can support you across the UK with regular or ad-hoc collections, and always aim to find you the best prices.

Call today for a quick no-obligation quote for our non-hazardous waste removal services and you could save up to 30% over your existing non-hazardous waste service

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What is Non-hazardous Waste?

Non-hazardous waste is often referred to as offensive waste and includes common items that have been contaminated with bodily fluids or other non-hazardous waste, such as nappy waste and incontinence pads. Non-hazardous waste carries with it a number of legal requirements due to the potentially offensive nature of it, therefore it is highly recommended that businesses seek an experienced waste carrier to manage their waste properly.

As part of our non-hazardous waste removal service, our experts will answer any questions you have about your waste and will give you all the advice you need to keep your business compliant with all UK legislation.

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Nappy Waste Collection

Nappy Waste Collection

Nappy waste can be unpleasant to deal with, but thankfully our waste removal experts will safely and discretely collect your nappy waste without any fuss.

Sanitary Bin Disposal

Sanitary Bin Disposal

Our service is the best way to keep your washrooms fresh and clean, as we’ll provide you with hygienic sanitary bins and a reliable disposal service.

Incontinence Pads Removal

Incontinence Pads Removal

Caring for the elderly or the sick can lead to unsanitary waste and our expert waste disposal services are the ideal way to discretely and professionally dispose of incontinence waste.