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General Waste Sacks

Many local councils are looking into initiatives to cut down on excessive waste. Which, in turn, means businesses can be affected by these decisions.

Cutting down on your general waste can be a cost-effective approach. If you fill less than 1 or 2 bags a week, then moving to a waste sack service is the best solution for you. As the UK goes into an ever-greener direction; general waste sacks are the answer to moving forward and staying sustainable.

Our services ensure full compliance with the law. We also handle the necessary paperwork.

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In areas like Glasgow, London and Edinburgh, the local councils have forced businesses to take better care of disposing of general waste. Whilst food and glass go in separate containers; the general waste policy is that businesses need to leave their waste in sacks.

Collections are within a 2-hour time slot; The council then fines those with waste left outside after the time limit. In London, a fixed penalty can be up to £1000 for repeat offenders. The Environmental Protection Act 1990 gives the council power to apply fines to what they consider an environmental offence in their area.