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Glass Recycling

Glass Recycling
  • Cut down the price of waste
    Reduce your heavy bin costs by recycling all glass waste with Direct365
  • Call us for an instant quote
    We give you a FREE quote over the phone, so go ahead and get in touch
  • Low price guarantee
    Competitive costs are what we’re all about; we'll get you the best price
  • Separate from mixed
    Separate your glass recycling from other waste and we’ll handle the rest!
  • Tailored collections
    Weekly, fortnightly or monthly – our collections work around your needs
  • Nationwide coverage
    Our fantastic help is available no matter where you are in the UK

There’s no reason for your business not to recycle 100% of your glass waste. It’s straightforward and affordable with Direct365’s convenient recycling service. We search over 100 suppliers to provide competitively priced contracts to manage your recyclable waste, whatever the amount.

As a non-biodegradable substance, glass mustn’t be mixed with general waste; you can reduce your business’s waste charges by recycling glass rather than sending it to a landfill. Doing so with Direct365 means you can boast green initiatives without the hassle attached.

We provide either 240 or 360 litre bins, flexible collection options to suit you and provide free consignment notes, including Duty of Care, as a legal paper trail. Call us today for an instant quote.

What’s important to note about glass is that not all glass is the same. The most common type of glass is soda-lime-silica, which is used for glass bottles and jars. There are three other types of glass, all of which are re-processed differently.

Borosilicate glass – Used exclusively for heat-resistant equipment, such as cooking equipment.
Lead glass – Reserved for decorative glassware such as windows, drinking glasses, and ornaments.
Glass fibre – Insulation, such as glass wool, and fibre optic cabling use glass fibre. Glass fibre has also been used to form fibreglass, which has had many uses over the years.

To get a professional, high-quality glass recycling service, fill in a free quote form or give our waste experts a call. You can be sure that you will get the best price. This is because we search the market for the best price from glass recycling providers all around the UK.

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