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Waste management solutions for Birmingham from Direct365

Waste management solutions for Birmingham from Direct365

    Britain's second city, Birmingham has a population of over 1.1 million, projected to be 150,000 higher by 2031. Historically it was the world's first manufacturing town, famous for 'metal bashing' industries. The industrial steam engine was developed here by James Watt and Matthew Boulton, and one aspect of the city's industrial heritage is its proud boast to have more canals than Venice.

    Today's multi-cultural Birmingham has a thriving economy based mainly around the service sector, and is at the heart of a £90 billion regional economy. The ambitious Big City Plan includes proposals for many green innovations. Yet this great city ranks surprisingly low when it comes to commercial waste management. In the league table for 2015/16 published by waste management in Birmingham appears at number 341 out of 351 English local authorities, with just 22.9 percent of household waste sent for reuse, recycling or composting.

    At Direct365 we are one of the leading providers of waste management services to businesses throughout the UK. We are equipped and ready to play our part in transforming trade and commercial waste collection in Birmingham, in line with the City Council's sustainability targets, which include increasing the percentage of trade and domestic waste recycled to 40 percent by 2026. With so many years of experience, working closely with businesses of all sizes, we can offer a tailored service for trade waste management in Birmingham, with:

    • Reliable collections
    • Price-fixed 12-month contracts
    • 24/7 online account management.


    We can handle all types of waste from general refuse to food, glass and waste for recycling, with a range of specialised commercial waste bins. We can also offer clinical waste collection in and around Birmingham. Ours is a fully inclusive service with bin bags, wheelie bins and/or front loaders supplied, timely collection and disposal at licensed waste disposal and recycling centres. Efficiency, accountability and legal compliance are assured with a full waste consignment note for every collection, and advice on the legal aspects of waste management is all part of the Direct365 service.


    Sign up and we are so confident in the Direct365 service that we will provide the first two weeks free. We believe we can not only improve Birmingham waste collection, but also help businesses to save up to 30% on their current commercial waste service.

  • 70k businesses in Birmingham
  • 100k+ bins in Birmingham
  • 900k monthly bin collections
  • Your nearest recycling centres

    Tameside Drive Recycle Centre
    Tameside Drive,
    Castle Bromwich,
    B35 7AG

    Holford Drive Recycling Centre
    Holford Drive,
    Perry Barr,
    B42 2TU