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Waste Management in Bromley

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Waste Management in Bromley
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As a borough of London, Bromley has links to the capital and its businesses have easy access to the city. Bromley has the most farmland in all of the boroughs in London, with around 30%. This means that being as environmentally friendly as possible is of high importance.

With a population of 309,392, according to the 2011 census, Bromley is one of the biggest London boroughs in terms of population and as such, produces more waste. In the UK, the average person produces around 1.5 tonnes of waste a year, totalling 464,000 tonnes for the whole of the borough.

Looking at all the boroughs in London and their waste statistics, Bromley sits second in terms of recycling, composting, or reusing waste with 48%, just behind Bexley. This is way ahead of the average in London, 32%, but a warning is that Bromley’s number has dropped by 1.6% from the previous year. This means that there is still improvements that can be made to hit the 50% mark that has been set as a target for 2020. With technology that is constantly getting better, recycling waste has never been as good for the environment.

At Direct365, we will find you the best waste service possible by searching over 100 providers to find the best deal that suits your needs. There is a choice of bin sizes to suit your needs and collections when you want them. Alongside a general waste service, we offer a number of different recycling services for a variety of different types of recyclable waste. This includes: Cardboard, Plastic, aluminium cans, and computing hardware too.

Bromley has its history with science fiction, as it is the birthplace of author H.G. Wells, the writer of The Time Machine and The War of the Worlds. With The Time Machine, Wells coined the popular term for a device that can travel through time, and it has influenced various types of media to this day. Wells has inspired famous time machines such as the TARDIS and the DeLorean.

The War of the Worlds was one of the first books to explore extra-terrestrial beings invading Earth and is a rare book in that since it was first published as a hardback in 1898, it has never been out of print.

That means a lot of paper has had the work of H.G. Wells on it, and unlike in 1898, paper can be recycled. Anything that your business can recycle should be handled by professionals to ensure that it is recycled properly and to the highest standards.

As should be the case for non-recyclable commercial waste. At Direct365, we can handle all of your waste needs and also the paperwork, so that you don’t have to. To find out how, give us a call or fill in a form.

  • 10k+ businesses in Bromley
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  • Your nearest recycling centres

    Waldo Road Reuse and Recycling Centre
    Waldo Road,
    BR1 2QX
    Churchfields Road Reuse and Recycling Centre
    Churchfields Road,
    BR3 4QY