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Waste Management in Gloucester

Waste Management in Gloucester
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Waste Management is vital for businesses in Gloucester be legally compliant. At Direct365, we work with all types of businesses in the Gloucestershire area to dispose of waste safely and efficiently, at the best price possible. Call 0808 278 9920 for a free, instant quote today.

Why is Waste Management in Gloucester important?

The historic city of Gloucester is brimming with heritage and architectural style; take King’s Square for example, which has been at the heart of the city since 1929. There’s also the beautiful Gloucester Cathedral, a grand building featured in multiple Harry Potter films for interior scenes, helping to boost Gloucester’s modern tourist appeal.

Today the district is dominated by service industries, boasting a strong financial and business sector. The city’s impressive events calendar includes multiple festivals throughout the year, drawing in visitors from all over the world. Entertainment venues like the Guildhall and the GL1 leisure centre help to occupy tourists and locals and also serve as great hosts for organisations and businesses.

The area’s hubbub of activity is beneficial for local companies, but not for overflowing bins. It’s essential for businesses to keep Gloucester clean and safe by using an effective Waste Management strategy to cope with the masses of rubbish. Each year Gloucestershire businesses produce around 375,000 tonnes of waste, all of which needs to be disposed of in line with current UK laws.

Gloucester is far from the 60% recycling rate target set for 2020. While Gloucestershire County Council and South Gloucestershire Council sit between 49-52%, Gloucester City Council falls behind its neighbours with just 39% of waste being recycled. Your business can help the environment and help Gloucestershire by enlisting a legally-compliant waste disposal supplier to deal with all types of commercial waste. Read on to find out why Direct365 are your best option. 

We’re Gloucester’s most competitively-priced provider – we compare different suppliers to get your business the best deal out there. As if that wasn’t enough, we don’t charge extra for Duty of Care paperwork, and also provide free bins and bags in your service. That means you can prove compliance to waste guidelines without any hassle.

Our disposal and recycling services are comprehensive to make sure all waste types are dealt with properly. From clinical waste to construction waste, we’ll dispose of it safely and legally with a collection schedule to suit your business’s needs.

Let us take waste out of your workload and protect Gloucester. Think of Gloucester’s cherished Nature in Art Gallery, which is inspired by the natural world; it seems fitting to protect said natural world for the future of the city by ensuring Waste Management is safe and sustainable. Get your service sorted with Direct365 today. 

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  • Your nearest recycling centres

    Hempsted Recycling Centre
    Near Gloucester Docks,
    GL2 5FR
    EMR Gloucester
    Byard Rd,
    GL2 5DF