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Waste Management in Wiltshire

Waste Management in Wiltshire
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Direct365 offer Waste Management services for businesses throughout the county of Wiltshire. We help the industries of your area by providing affordable plans to dispose of all types of waste, including general, recyclable and hazardous. Call 0808 278 9920 for a free, instant quote today.

Why is Waste Management important in Wiltshire?

Wiltshire is a location of great significance when it comes to places of interest and English heritage. Home to Stonehenge and Avebury stone circles, the county attracts tourism from all over the UK. Tourists put extra strain on the waste disposal needs of local businesses. With a range of business types in small market towns like Bradford-on-Avon and larger, more populated areas like Swindon, Wiltshire needs a flexible and capable waste provider to ensure all rubbish is disposed of correctly.

We’re not just thinking about the tourists. Wiltshire’s locals, at a population of over 700,000, deserve to live in a sustainable, cared-for environment. Wiltshire is a rural county with an extensive green belt; it’s vital to protect the pastoral landscape by reducing landfill waste and prioritising recycling.

Wiltshire’s council has visions to create strong communities, achieve high recycling rates and reduce litter. As of 2017, the county aims to recycle 50% of waste – is your business assisting that target?

Direct365 can help you to help Wiltshire. As a proud business owner, you should prioritise professional waste management to preserve your wonderful surroundings and to protect your business. Read on to learn more about why Direct365 are your best option and how we can make sure you stay legally compliant.  

Why choose us? Well, we search through 100+ suppliers to get you the best price; we tailor our services to your business’s specific needs; and we care about your legal obligations, so you get all Duty of Care paperwork for free.

You won’t find a more environmentally friendly waste service provider. We understand the importance of sustainability in Wiltshire, so our service makes it easy for you to comply with regulations by supplying a range of bins to suits your needs and working our collection schedule around you.

Get all your waste disposal needs from one place. We offer comprehensive services, dealing with all waste types efficiently, including: general waste, clinical waste (offensive, hazardous, etc.), recycling waste (food, mixed, electrical, etc.), bulky waste and more!

We can even help if you own multiple businesses, or have business expansion outside of Wiltshire, because we have nationwide contractors to help businesses all over the UK.

  • 25k+ businesses in Wiltshire
  • 35k+ bins in Wiltshire
  • Your nearest recycling centres

    Marlborough HWRC
    8 Blenheim Rd,
    SN8 4AN
    Thamesdown Recycling
    Kingshill Recycling Centre,
    SN6 6JR