Seasonal Pests: The Winter Season

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Some pests breed better in different seasons while others can be considered a year-long problem.  In the first part of our four seasons of pest awareness, you’ll discover how and why we raise spotlight on these winter problems. Here’s what to look out for:   Winter Pests Foxes Foxes are considered a general nuisance both […]

Can You Throw Nappies In The Bin?

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can you throw nappies in the bin

The BBC reported that about eight million nappies are thrown away every day in the UK, according to local authorities, with one baby using enough disposable nappies to fill 40 black sacks a year.  That’s an incredible amount of used nappies needing to go somewhere! But, before you think it’s safe in the general waste, […]

Music To My Ears. The Mitsubishi Hand Dryer.

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mitsubishi hand dryer

The Health and Safety Executive speculated that over one million workers in the UK are thought to be at risk of hearing damage from noise at work.  Not necessarily from construction industry roles; workplace noise affects everyone from entertainment venues to office work. Something as simple as a hand dryer can help lower noise levels […]

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning: A Good Clean Can Do Wonders

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commercial kitchen duct cleaning

According to fire statistics between April 2015 to March 2016, cooking appliances were the source of ignition in 50 per cent of accidental dwelling fires. With commercial premises, this comes from a failure to remove combustible grease deposits from the cooking extract ductwork by a good regular clean. The examples are numerous, just last in Droylsden, […]

School Playground Equipment: Innovative Ways To Encourage Recycling

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The mandatory national curriculum requires teachers to instruct children about recycling.  The government want children to learn how the ”Earth is a source of limited resources and the efficacy of recycling”. Now, you know better than anyone teaching the future of tomorrow isn’t an easy task. Follow us on a brief journey to how you can […]

Why Confined Space Training Is Important

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Every year people die as a result of work in confined spaces. In Norfolk, one welder was overcome by fumes, his colleague went in to rescue him and fell unconscious. A crewman onboard a shipping vessel died from carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of the petrol engine running with no ventilation and little air […]