Music License Regulations

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music license regulations

Small businesses go through a ridiculous amount of red tape. The majority makes sense, you can understand why employee safety should be a priority. On the other hand, dubious parking charges may as well take a long walk off a short pier.   Take for instance the following scenario.   You’re cutting hair. You’re looking […]

Fab Little Tampon Disposal

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tampon disposal bags

Stop. Don’t do it. Tampons aren’t for toilets.   Before you go thinking no harm done, follow us on a wild ride to get down to the proverbial bottom of things. Why are people flushing instead of sticking it in a bin?   As a male content writer, I delved deep into my feminine side […]

The Different Types Of Clinical Waste Disposal

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types of clinical waste banner

Managing waste and dealing with all the laws and regulations is a tough business. Ever since the 2005 hazardous waste regulations became law, all clinical waste disposal must be disposed of in the interest of environmental and public health. As a leading management provider, we offer over 20 different waste disposal options. Our clinical and […]

Top 10: Express yourself with a logo mat

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top ten logo mats banner

Considering a logo mat for your business? Before you go thinking they’re just for show and a useless expense, take a look at the following ten examples. You might just change your mind!   Skip scrolling, click to find one! Functional: No Smoking Nifty: Make A Pattern Stylish: Feature Compass Eye-Opening – Colourful Exchange Educational […]

Cyber Security: A Shared Responsibility

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cyber security

Be #CyberAware this month. Remember how the GDPR act (General Data Protection Regulations) was all over the news earlier this year? You couldn’t step out of the shadow of constant “we are updating our privacy policy” emails bordering on dumb irony. It was a non-stop mesh of spam, spam, spam!   Well, spare the frights, […]

The Complete Guide To Defibrillators

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complete guide to defibrillators

As a provider of essential business supplies, we get asked a lot about defibrillators. Are they worth footing the bill, what do they do and so on and so forth… After a few brief articles in the past giving snapshot guides on these devices, we give you a complete guide to help in deciding whether […]

Why You Need An Airstream Hand Dryer

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airstream hand dryer

You’re in the market for a hand dryer, but just any hand dryer. The Airstream range. Before you take this journey into hand-drying excellence, there are a few things you should know. Your job isn’t done after a rinse and shake. Leaving the washroom with dry hands is important, as damp hands can spread thousands of […]

Managing stress at work

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stress management

You’re having a bad day, and browsing inspirational photo messages just won’t cut it? You’re not alone on that front. Apparently, people who post “inspirational” quotes on FaceBook are more easily duped in posting and sharing fake news articles as well. On a more serious note, work-related stress is a serious issue among the UK […]

Glass Recycling UK

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Glass Recycling UK

Ten green bottles hanging on the wall Ten green bottles hanging on the wall And if one green bottle should accidentally fall, There’ll be nine green bottles hanging on the wall. And one mess that needs cleaning up!   Glass can be melted down to make new bottles, jars and windows over and over again. […]