Flexible Working: Managing Homeworkers 101

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Flexible Working

Small businesses around the nation utterly nail down the one thing big businesses struggle with the most, that’s flexibility. For instance, take homeworking. Large corporations are tied down by red tape with their reluctance in advocating homeworking. The knee-jerk reaction is that lack of a physical presence encourages lower levels of productivity. That is the […]

The Beer Necessities: Bar Essentials

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bar and tableware supplies

Does your clientele have a particular poison? According to research by Absolut Vodka, the UK’s favourite cocktail is the porn star martini.  Ordered on the daily at 40,000 different restaurants and bars across the country. Now, keeping afloat with the right liquor license and business insurance is one thing. The other is finding a way […]

Hotels – Recharge Your Floorcare!

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recharge floorcare

The hotel industry is one of the most important and profitable sectors in the United Kingdom. Just last year, the industry generated a turnover of 19.4 billion British pounds. What makes a good hotel is customer satisfaction, yielding repeat visits and 5* reviews. After all, no one wants to have a bad stay. Did you […]

Seasonal Office Fires – Watch Your Fairy Lights!

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office christmas fire

If your workplace is anything like ours, then Christmas is already here. That means Christmas trees, fairy lights and jaunty jingles abound. Only a Scrooge would shirk at the sight of this delightful set-up. (Yes, that’s a llama). While this season of cheer is warranted, your business should be aware of potential hazards that litter […]

The James Dyson Award: Direct365 Top 10 Picks

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dyson award

This year, the James Dyson Award has some ground-breaking contenders all hoping to win the first place prize of £30,000. The prestigious award is held annually to celebrate, encourage and inspire design engineering – and some of the creations will blow your mind. The shortlisted engineers have developed designs that solve problems with global impact. […]

Let’s Stop Single-Use. Instead Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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catering recycling service

Single-Use. A term referring to products, often made of plastic that is used once then thrown away. The compilers at Collins Dictionary have announced it as the word of 2018. Coverage by the BBC program Planet Earth has shone a light on the understated understanding of environmental awareness. It’s fair to say that these throwaway […]