Mental Health First Aid

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First Aid brings to mind physical injuries, but how can workplaces act to help health issues when they’re not so visibly clear? The month of November sees a lot of mental health focus in the UK, encouraging businesses to look deeper into wellbeing and understand factors like stress, bullying and discrimination in the workplace. National […]

Halloween IP: Protect yourself from the real scares

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halloween ip

Halloween is a fun time for businesses to add some spooky flair to their products and services. Whether you’re a bakery crafting a uniquely themed tricky treat or an entrepreneur with the latest gadget to frighten your neighbours. It’s essential to have your work well protected. We’ll explore some of the points the UK’s Intellectual […]

Managing Fatigue: How To Help You And Your Workers

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Sleep, proper rest and a focused mind are often heralded time and time again as the best factors for a successful and happy worker. For small business owners, this is easier said than done. You wear a lot of hats, juggling multiple responsibilities from day-to-day.  Switching off isn’t an option.  However, this non-stop workflow building […]

Happy Restart a Heart Day!

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restart a heart day

October 16th is Restart a Heart Day, a campaign led by the Resuscitation Council to improve the survival rate of out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrests (SDAs). This public awareness day sees a partnership of many organisations, including The British Heart Foundation, British Red Cross, St John Ambulance and Yorkshire Ambulance Service, all in hope to increase […]

Think Your Business Doesn’t Need a Defibrillator? Think Again.

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An automated external defibrillator – AED for short – is a life-saving device for victims of sudden cardiac arrest. The presence of an AED allows any untrained user to rapidly respond to a life-threatening situation in any sort of environment. So, what places should provide AEDs? Businesses like schools, care homes and medical facilities may […]