Schools Need Shredding

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confidential school shredding service

Are you aware of GDPR? Read this first. According to a School week article “66 schools reported data breaches in 2015, including the accidental loss, theft or revealing of information”. The main culprits? Out of date IT equipment and stored data files. They recommend freeing up a staff member three times a week to dust […]

First aid kits in the workplace

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First Aid Office Equipment

Injuries in the workplace: Statistics The rate of employer-reported non-fatal injuries has seen a 58% reduction since 1986. While this is great news for employers and employees alike, there were still 70,116 reported cases in 2016/17. Accidents do happen after all, yet, what do you need to know if an accident happens in the workplace? […]

How clean is your dental chair?

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how clean is your dental chair

Legionella Dental Practice Did you know there were 450 confirmed UK cases of Legionella in 2017? It is debatable about the number of occurrences of Legionella within dental practices; many articles on the subject are from research articles. However, the likelihood of the disease spreading is possible. Biofilms can develop within the pipework of modern […]