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All You Need to Know About COVID Business Fines


Face masks. Hand sanitisers. Social distancing. COVID has brought a whirlwind of new regulations into the lives of business owners this past year, and it feels like things are never going to let up. If you’re wondering what these adapting health and safety guidelines mean for your business, then look no further; we’re here to […]

What Washroom Vending Products Should You Supply?

You can always rely on a business having a washroom vending machine for the occasional “oops, I need one of those” moments… right? You’d certainly hope that convenience was guaranteed, however not all workplaces are on the washroom vending machine bandwagon, which can cause great disappointment and dissatisfaction in customers, staff and visitors. This article […]

How Do You Dispose of Lateral Flow Test Kits?

lateral flow test kits

What are Lateral Flow Test Kits? “Lateral Flow” or “Rapid” Test Kits are growing in popularity for carrying out quick on-site tests that indicate whether COVID-19 antigens are present. You can get a result within 15 minutes without having to send the kit off to a lab. These kits are ideal for mass testing of […]

Halting & Resuming Services Around Lockdowns


COVID-19 has caused a great amount of stress on UK businesses. Many establishments have been forced to adapt in order to survive, especially during local and national lockdowns. You may find it difficult to navigate the troublesome world of pausing routine contracts like Waste Management or other forms of regular servicing, so we’ve created this […]

How to Practice COVID Caution this Christmas

COVID christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of a very unusual year! Christmas usually means bustling streets, festive markets, packed shops and fully-booked bars and restaurants – but 2020 clearly had something different planned. Still, whether COVID is around or not, it’s still Christmas time and your business is still likely to see changes in services and […]

How Can I Keep My Salon Clean and Safe?


We get a lot of enquiries from people with Salon businesses, from “how should I dispose of hair?” to “what counts as hazardous waste?”. As compliance experts, it’s our job to help Salons across the UK to run a clean, safe and convenient workplace. That’s why we’ve put together an FAQ guide to help Salon […]

How to Dispose of Waste After a COVID-19 Case


Waste disposal regulations can seem complicated enough, without the added worry of COVID-19. Unfortunately, if your business does encounter symptoms of the virus, then you will have to deal with your waste a little differently. But don’t worry, we’re here to help with this straightforward guide. How Should You Treat Waste That Has Encountered Someone […]

How Can Air Purification Fight COVID-19?

air purification

What is Air Purification? Air purification devices remove contaminants from indoor air. This reduces air pollutants in the room – like odours, smoke, dust and pet dander – to consistently improve the air quality. It’s well known that air purifiers are beneficial to allergy sufferers and asthmatics, as well as effective at reducing second-hand smoke, […]

Carbon Footprint: What Does it Mean for Your Business?

carbon footprint

It seems “carbon footprint” is a household term nowadays – but does everyone actually know what it means? In the simplest terms, your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide you release into the atmosphere through your behaviour and activities – so I have my own carbon footprint and you have your own carbon […]