Management Advice – The Best Solution To Leading A Resilient Team

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Personality clashes happen all the time, especially in the workplace. Perhaps it’s the person who brings in microwaved fish, go-getters, procrastinators or the too-much-information weekday weekenders. These clashes are unavoidable in the workplace. As a manager, you have the responsibility to keep the glue held together and navigate around this minefield in a human and […]

GDPR One Year On, What’s Changed?!

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General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) was first introduced on May 25th last year. Over-riding the previous out-dated Data Protection Regulations (1998); incorporating a more modern outlook. The rules were made to strengthen the individuals’ rights to data privacy. Our UK watchdog ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) are the ones who’ve been monitoring this regulation for businesses in […]

What To Look For In An Air Freshener

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When choosing an air freshener, the first step to go for usually is the fragrance. You don’t want to enter a room with an unpleasant scent. Like a stuffy office room with no ventilation and the stale smell of a microwaved hotpot lunch fermenting the airflow. Your choice of air freshener should act as both […]

Hydration In The Workplace

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This weekend is set to be the hottest all year, with temperatures around the UK to be estimated between 25-30C. While this is excellent news for those looking for a quick weekend beach holiday when it comes back to work, warm weather brings dehydration.   Dehydration in the workplace Managing workplace temperature is a day-to-day […]

The Benefits of Crate Hire

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So you need to store or transport some things for your business, and you’re trying to get together all the cardboard boxes you can find, but they just can’t handle the load. Stop. If you don’t know about rentable crates then let us give you all the information you need. If you’ve considered them but […]

What’s Being Done To End Period Poverty?

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Period Poverty is about more than cost. Women and girls all around the towns and cities we live in are finding themselves unable to afford essential sanitary products. In this article, we explore the changes being made to stamp down this issue and address this troubling problem that has no place in modern society.   […]

Google My Business: Five Years Later

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Are you using Google My Business? Since it was released in 2014, Google My Business has offered businesses around the world a way to make their company more visible on the search engine. Five years on, we take a look into what the platform offers and what possible future changes are in store.   Google […]

No More Coasting With Climate Change

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Could England’s seaside towns be swept away by the rising sea levels, as a result of climate change? The devastation flooding causes should be no surprise given recent memory. Storm Desmond was only a few years ago, affecting 16,000 properties and leading to an overall insurance bill around £1.3 billion. In this article, we’ll go […]

Fight The Flames With Our Fire Warden Course

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Do you have an evacuation plan in place? A fire warden is a designated person within a department whose aim is to contribute to the safety of people in the event there’s a fire evacuation. To make sure they are fit for the job at hand, fire wardens need sufficient training in all aspects fire-safety […]