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Direct365 Acquisition of Synergy Waste Solutions Ltd

We are writing to you to let you know of the exciting acquisition of Synergy Waste Solutions by Direct365. At Direct365, we wanted to take the opportunity to welcome you once again. We are working hard to make sure you continue to experience the high level of service you are used to receiving from the […]

Why Should I Conduct a Workplace Risk Assessment?

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Ensuring that your premises is a safe place to work should be high on the agenda of any business owner or manager. As well as being laws in place to ensure businesses do this, there is a strong moral argument too. As a business leader you should want to provide a safe, secure environment for […]

Predicted trends of futuristic bathrooms | Direct365

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Here’s a thought: the bathroom of the future. What does that look like to you? We gathered worldwide data and insights into futuristic bathroom features from Google Patents and Google Search and collaborated with experts to see what the future of bathrooms really looks like, from water-saving toilets, voice activated mirrors to smart hand dryers. […]

The Top 5 Ways Your Business Can Get Help with Debt

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It’s no secret that times are hard for businesses across the country, following a few years of a difficult business landscape. We won’t keep going over the details that you’ve heard before, but numerous businesses have had to go down so many avenues to ensure their future, and many of them have ended up in […]

What Happens When Legionella Goes Unchecked in Your Business

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For businesses across the country, health and safety should be the first thing on the checklist when you start employing people. There are some standard health and safety things that will always get attention first. Things like fire safety, first aid and risk assessments. And some would say rightly so. But there are other things […]

A Salon Waste Disposal FAQ for Salon Owners

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When organising salon waste disposal and collection for customers, they come to us with a lot of questions. All of the legalities and technicalities can be difficult to get your head around. And as the small business experts, Direct365 are the best people to answer all of your salon waste questions. But for the most […]

Best Hand Dryers for Kids with Autism

The third blog in our latest hand dryer campaign is focused on which hand dryer facilities are best to autistic children. Nurseries and child’s play areas being the most common places a child might use a hand dryer. Finding the best hand dryer for kids with autism is often a difficult task for venues, so […]

Why Quiet Hand Dryers are Best for the Elderly

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Next in our hand dryer blog series is a niche topic that’s important for a variety of our customers and that’s the topic of quiet hand dryers and the elderly. We have a vast range of dryers, and when shopping for something new, it’s important to have all of the information. So while we’ll be […]