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Why Quiet Hand Dryers are Best for the Elderly

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Next in our hand dryer blog series is a niche topic that’s important for a variety of our customers and that’s the topic of quiet hand dryers and the elderly. We have a vast range of dryers, and when shopping for something new, it’s important to have all of the information. So while we’ll be […]

5 Waste Mistakes Most Small Businesses Make

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Here at Direct365, we know about waste. A lot of the businesses that take waste collection services from us start out by asking us for advice. With over a decade of experience helping small businesses, we know the mistakes that businesses make over disposal of their waste. And it’s this reason we’ve brought this blog […]

5 Things to Think About When Performing a Fire Risk Assessment

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Regardless of the industry you’re in, you have a responsibility to keep your staff and visitors safe from the dangers of the workplace. Some workplaces are less dangerous, with the likes of office spaces being safer than industry factories and warehouses. But each environment possesses risk in unto itself. That’s why you need to have […]

The Burning Question: Where, When, and Why do we Call on our Fire and Rescue Services?

Blog title next to an image of a fire engine.

Fires might be more frequent than you think. In fact, at the end of June 2023, a considerable 32,537 fire-related electrical incidents were reported. As electrical safety specialists in workspaces, this got us thinking – where’s a hotbed for these incidents? What are the most common causes? And when are fires most likely to ignite? […]

How the New Workplace Recycling Regulations in Wales Will Affect Your Business

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From 6th April, the new Workplace Recycling Regulations will come into effect across Wales and will become law for all businesses, charities, and public sector organisations to segregate their waste for recycling. What Will Change? To improve the quality and quantity of recycling from workplaces, recycling will be separated into six waste streams. The following […]

Here’s How U.K’s Business Waste Habits May Change in 2024

Blog title on a green background with an image of a waste pile next to it.

The term ‘climate crisis’ has become a proper part of the UK vocabulary, with not an hour going by on local, national, and international news without mention of the term. It’s beginning to seep into our lives daily because of the things we do and the things we buy. Businesses, too, aren’t exempt from the […]

UK Waste Symbols – Recycling Symbols Explained

Your company should be recycling, and if it isn’t then you need to start now. But there’s a reason why many find it difficult to understand what they can and can’t recycle, and that’s because the symbols are confusing. There are so many rules and signs stating what you should and shouldn’t recycle that you […]