Make Your Morning Brew Reusable

by Melissa McNamara in Informative Articles | posted:

coffee cup

What does your cup of coffee cost you? Depending on where you get your fix, you could be paying anywhere between £1 and £15 on your daily brew! But have you ever stopped to think about what these drinking habits may cost the environment? Turns out, we’re still slacking on how much we could be […]

Asbestos Is Still A Very Real Danger To UK Citizens

by Michael Addison in Safety | posted:

Asbestos re-inspection survey UK

For any regular business owner, the threat of asbestos often skips your mind. After all, any building made after the year 2000 should be free of asbestos. However, they could still very well be objects containing the material you may not know about.  In this article, we discuss the dangers and implications of inhaling asbestos […]

Baler & Compactors: Reduce Your Waste Costs

by Michael Addison in Waste Management | posted:

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Are waste costs driving your profit margins into the red? Are you spending too much time sorting through your cardboard and plastic recycling? There’s an easy solution to your woes. In this article we’ll discuss the differences between balers and compactors, giving you the full low-down on how these machines can take the hassle out […]

Is Water Free? What Employers Need To Know.

by Michael Addison in Small Business Guidance | posted:

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  As summer continues, we’ve experienced temperatures hitting astronomic highs, with July being the hottest on record reaching 38.1C. Granted with the weather getting this sufferable you may be drinking water a lot more lately to stay hydrated.  Have your employees been feeling the same, acting more sluggish?    In this article, we discuss your […]