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Direct365 is the central hub for essential workplace products and services.

Office Space

Our office hub is the best place to find affordable, top quality supplies along with our expert waste, hygiene & safety services for offices.


Our Nursery Hub is your go to place for low-cost supplies & support for your nursery.


Get top quality supplies & services along with free advice for schools, all in one place.

Transport & Logistics

Get everything you need to keep your transport business running smoothly, all in one handy place.


Our Garage Hub provides all the supplies, services & advice your garage needs to stay clean, safe & compliant.


Keep your farm safe and well supplied with affordable products and expert services in our Farms Hub.

Vets & Animal Sancturies

Our Vets & Animal Sanctuaries Hub is the best place to find expert services, supplies & advice for your business.

Shops & Retailers

Our Shops & Retail hub is the only place you need to find top business supplies & expert services to save you time and money.

Beauty Salons

We’re here to support beauticians and salons, saving you time by handling unpleasant and time consuming tasks from general waste management to washroom hygiene.


Find the supplies your tattoo studio needs along with reliable, hassle-free services for sharps waste disposal, safety testing & more, all in one place.

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Medical Centres

Get essential supplies & services for your medical centre from clinical waste disposal to medical equipment calibration, all in one place.


Our Dentists Hub is the best place to find all the services and advice that your dental surgery needs in one place.

Nursing Homes

Our Nursing Home Hub is full of expert services & advice along with top quality supplies to save you money.


We offer a wide range of essential services & business supplies to support your construction business, all in one place.

Manufacturing & Utilites

We understand that the needs of your factory are unique to your business, so our expert services are tailored to suit all of your requirements, from waste disposal to hygiene.

Landlords & Property

Our Landlords & Property hub is the ideal place to find all the supplies and services you need to keep your property clean & safe.

Places of Worship

The best place to find affordable supplies & facilities management services for your place of worship, all in one place.

Hotels & Accommodation

Our Hotels & Accommodation Hub is the only place to find essential supplies & expert services for all your hotel’s needs.

Entertainment Venues

The fast paced entertainment business can leave you with no time to deal with managing your facilities, which is what we’re here for.

Gyms & Sports Centres

The only place to find all the low-cost supplies and services you need, from waste disposal to hygiene & safety.

Pubs & Restaurants

Get the lowest prices for quality supplies & nationwide services for pubs & restaurants, all in one handy place.

Community Centres & Social Clubs

The best place for business supplies & services to keep your social club running smoothly and safely.


Our washroom services are designed to meet all of your business's individual needs when it comes to hygiene. With years of experience in commercial washrooms we'll help you modernise your washroom facilities with a wide range of top branded products including expert installation and reliable servicing.

Washrooms Services

Direct365 have been providing affordable and reliable washroom hygiene services to businesses of all shapes and sizes in the UK since 2005. We are the only washroom services company to offer flexible, hassle-free contracts that are designed to suit your business’ needs, no matter what they may be. With years of experience and a full team of dedicated washroom experts, you can trust us to provide you with the best service in the country at an affordable price.


We're here to help make things simple when it comes to managing your waste. With a complete range of waste management services from clinical waste disposal to confidential document shredding, you can rely on us to dispose of all your waste cleanly and safely.

Waste Management Services

At Direct365 we have years of experience in waste disposal for everything from general waste to sharps disposal. With a whole team of experts on hand to support you and our flexible contracts, we’ll provide all the bins, bags and waste disposal collections that you need. We are the only waste management company in the country that provides you with total control over your waste disposal service, with no hidden fees or charges. Our professional waste management services are available nationwide and specialise in providing exactly the right service for your business, no matter what your requirements are.


Helping your workplace run smoothly 365 days a year is our speciality. Our Facilities Management Services will support you in creating the best possible environment to run your business from, all whilst complying with essential legislation.


Keeping your facilities in check is what we do best at Direct365. With years of experience in providing everything from lift maintenance to pest control services, we provide everything you need to keep your business running smoothly. You can trust our facilities management experts to provide a professional and thorough service that you can rely on. We offer the most flexible and hassle-free contracts, with online account management and no hidden extras, giving you full control over your service.

Workplace Safety

At Direct365 we are firm believers in keeping your employees & customers safe in your workplace. With a full range of safety testing & surveying services covering everything from fire safety equipment testing to PAT testing, you can rely on our experts to keep your business safe.

Workplace Safety Services

Our safety testing services aren't just about ticking boxes, we provide a service that focuses on keeping your business, your staff and your customers safe from common workplace dangers. We work with the highest standard of safety testing professionals in the country, providing an excellent service at an affordable price for any business. Our contracted services are flexible and straight forward, including all the documents and paperwork you need to stay safe and legally compliant with no hidden fees.

Professional Services

Our quick and easy comparisons and business services are all about helping you save money & stay ahead of the competition. We do all the hard-work for you, scouring the market so that you get the cheapest deals from the best providers for the services and utilities that you need.

Professional Services

Direct365 is the only place to get all of the professional services that your business needs. From affordable vehicle leasing to record management, we’re here to support your business with everything you need. We only work with the top service providers to give you the best service at an affordable price to match. With contracts and services to suit any business size or requirements, we offer the most straight-forward and hassle-free professional services in the country.


Direct365 is the best place to get information and shop for a life-saving defibrillator for your workplace. We offer a wide range of defibrillators with free delivery to suit all businesses, along with accessories and expert training, all at affordable prices.


At Direct365 we are leading the charge when it comes to encouraging businesses of all shapes and sizes to have a life-saving defibrillator on stand-by in the event of an SCA (sudden cardiac arrest). This is a cause that we believe in as SCA is a leading cause of death in the UK, causing up to 100,000 deaths every year. Just one of our defibrillators is all it takes to make a difference between life and death for a victim.

*On selected models.

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