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Gritting and Snow Clearance

Gritting and Snow Clearance

    Weather in the UK is far from predictable, but your business doesn’t have to be slippery on safety during the winter months. With accurate forecasting and automated trigger systems, our salt-spreading services are a sure-fire way to keep your outdoor surfaces safe and ice-free.

    Don’t wait for an accident to happen before you arrange safety measures; having a proactive service means you can feel at ease when temperatures drop, knowing your business is protected by a professional winter maintenance specialist.

    Avoid the costs and manual labour of de-icing your own premises and rest easy knowing we’ll handle everything before opening hours. Call 0808 163 9660 now for more information and a free quote.

    We’re a leading UK supplier of gritting and snow clearance services and help businesses of all sizes, in all industries, nationwide. We de-ice with white marine salt, which is superior to general grit and sand because it’s completely absorbent of moisture, effective up to as low as -6° and dissipates to leave no residue.

    Servicing from 7pm-7am means minimal disruption and we can provide DBS-checked operatives when needed. Our automated system and domain-specific forecasting results in minimum room for error, meaning you’ll get the most effective service to keep your site safe. And remember, if you’re on a contracted service, you’ll get top priority over local ad-hoc requests – we assure to never let you down!

    Icy temperatures come with serious safety risks. If you wanted to de-ice your own premises, you would need your own supply of grit and have to conduct a thorough risk assessment before appointing someone to do the cold, tricky and hazardous job. In bad weather conditions, accidents are highly likely.

    Let us take responsibility so that if the worst were to happen, your business would have clear evidence of an adequate safety service. Our trained operatives use PDAs to log their movements on site, providing proof of the job they’ve done. With professional de-icing measures in place, your premises will have a safety net for any insurance or liability disputes. 

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