Not long did it seem like summer had just arrived, that we’re already planning for the end of the holidays. For schools and universities, this next week or so is important. There is lots of prep to do to ready your organisation for the new year, and not a lot of time to do it. While you might have covered most bases, one thing you may not have thought about is legionella testing.


What is Legionella Testing?

Legionella testing allows you to be confident in the fact that the legionella bacteria is not in your premises. Legionella can impact any set of water ways. Usually it impacts areas that are left stagnant for a lengthy period of time. In a school setting, this is particularly focused on the summer holidays.


Why Would an Education Setting Test for Legionella?

Schools are spaces that need to ensure they are safe. Safeguarding children is one of the most important parts of being an education centre. This can come with safety checks, teacher checks and legionella checks. Because it can be life threatening, legionella is a big concern for schools. But during school holidays one simple test can ensure that your staff and the pupils are safe from legionnaires

A man with a clipboard checking for legionella.

How to Prepare for a Legionella Test

Depending on the reason you’re having a legionella test will change how you prepare for one. If you’re doing one as a part of a risk assessment, and don’t think you have legionella-infected water, then you can go about your business as usual. But if you have run a legionella risk assessment and you think there’s a chance your water could have the bacteria in, then it’s strongly advised that you close your premises until you can get the testing done and confirm for sure.


What is the Punishment for Legionella in Your Business?

The level of punishment will usually relate to the level of failings within the organisation. Councils, for example, can often be struck with large penalties because they control numerous premises. If they are found to have untreated legionella across a number of buildings, a fine is likely to be given.

In 2016, Reading Borough Council was fined £100,000 in damages after ‘systematic and continued failings’ led to the death of a pensioner in 2012. This was in relation to a care home stay in which the 95 year old man contracted legionnaires disease. The case was brought to court by the Health and Safety Executive.

Additionally, private firm G4S have been fined a huge £1.8 million for “serious lack of compliance” in ensuring safe water systems within their premises. Both of these are examples of serious failure to comply with health and safety legislation, and could easily apply to schools and education settings, as similar sized areas.


How Direct365 Can Help

Direct365 are one of the leading legionella testing companies in the country. Our work with local and national suppliers allows a flexible and quick service to be carried out to ensure your premises is free from legionella. If it finds traces, testing will alert you to the bacteria being on your premises. This will help you take action quickly.

For further details about how quickly we can service your premises, fill out the form below. Our knowledgeable team will contact you with additional details and tell you more about the low cost associated with the service, .

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