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Nursery Hub

Our nursery hub is the only place to find everything you need to keep your nursery safe, clean and well supplied with expert services, top products and free advice guides.

Nurseries Hub

Nursing Home Hub

Our nursing home hub is here to help support you with everything you need to keep your care home clean, safe and well prepared with our expert services, cost-saving supplies and free downloadable guides.

Nursing Home Hub

Tattooist Hub

Visit our tattooist hub to find everything you need to support your studio, like our expert needle waste service and our free downloadable advice guides covering everything from safety and waste to new legislation.

Tattooist Hub

Beauty Salon Hub

Our beauty salon hub is here to give you a helping hand in keeping your salon clean and looking glamorous. Find everything you need from washroom supplies to our expert services to keep your business clean and attractive.

Beauty Hub


Here at Direct365, we provide a full-range of washroom services and washroom supplies to meet your business's individual needs. With our heritage in commercial washrooms we know a thing or two about Workplace Regulations, Duties of Care and the Environmental Protection Act.

Washrooms Services
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Waste management can be tricky with so many companies, facts and news to consider. We're here to help make things simple with a range of essential waste management services from commercial waste, recycling, and clinical sharps to confidential.

Waste Management Services
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With Direct365's complete range of specialist facilities management services, we can help you create the best possible environment to run your business from, all whilst complying with essential legislation.

Facilities Services
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Workplace Safety

In order to keep up with Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations, your workplace safety systems must meet a number of standards in what they provide. You have a duty of care to ensure a safe working environment for yourself, employees and any visitors to your site.

Safety at the Workplace
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Professional Services

Affordable, quick and comprehensive utilities comparisons and business services. We do all the legwork and scour the market to find you the cheapest, most effective providers for Vehicle Leasing, Energy, Telecoms & Insurance - all you need to do is get in touch.

Professional Services
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