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Confidential Commercial Shredding Services

Confidential Commercial Shredding Services

  • Completely data protection compliant
    Our service allows you to comply with data protection rules with uppermost confidentiality
  • Accredited ISO9001 & ISO14001 suppliers
    Your data will be shredded and recycled in accordance with current UK guidelines
  • Free certificate of destruction
    A certificate of proof that when we take your waste, it is correctly disposed
  • Secure, locked containers
    Ensure against tampering and theft with our securely locked waste containers
  • Security checked personnel
    Our staff are highly trained with both DBS and reference checks
  • Nationwide service
    Our services are available the length and breadth of the country

Although there has been an increase in digital storage in recent years, physical documents are an important part of the record-keeping process. And as this continues to be the case, there will be more and more reason for paper shredding services.

Direct365’s commercial shredding service allows customers to dispose of their confidential waste easily, with regular collections and staff that are fully vetted and continue to operate with complete confidentiality.

Our paper shredding services are available for different volumes of paper, with refuge sacks, wheelie bins and shredding bins all suitable for our shredding collection. Whichever service you choose, each will be collected securely, and we will provide each customer with a free certificate of destruction for your own peace of mind. Your confidentiality is our concern.

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Trust is an important part of working with a supplier, and our shredding service is one that has trust at the heart of it. You can trust Direct365 to ensure your waste remains confidential, with your waste being shredded and disposed of in a safe, secure and discreet way.

As well as frequent, regular collections we also offer one-off and off-site shredding. We understand that many businesses deal with records that only need to be disposed of after a certain amount of time, and with these occasions infrequent, even yearly. No matter the level of disposal, Direct365 can help. Contact our friendly, helpful team on 0800 612 9588 for further details.

The Data Protection Act is the UKs version of GDPR, replacing those regulations after the UK left the European Union. There are strong similarities between the two pieces of legislation, and for all intents and purposes, have the same business requirements.

Your business is still required to only keep customer and employee information for as long as necessary. This could be delivery records, employee personal data or more. These records are usually only needed as long as the employee is working at your company or as long as you have long-standing custom/warranty with the customer.

Physical records are still a popular way of keeping documents but when the lifespan of the information is over, you can count on Direct365 to dispose of this information quickly, discreetly and efficiently.

Direct365 offers a range of benefits for confidential shredding, making it the perfect choice for businesses seeking to protect sensitive information and maintain compliance with data protection laws.

1. GDPR Compliance: Our confidential shredding services ensure that businesses remain compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This is crucial as non-compliance can lead to hefty fines and damage to your company's reputation.

2. Secure Chain of Custody: Direct365 guarantees a secure chain of custody for your documents. This means that from the moment your documents are collected until they are destroyed, they are handled securely and responsibly, reducing the risk of data breaches.

3. Convenience and Flexibility: We offer both on-site and one-off confidential shredding services. This means they can accommodate the needs of different businesses, whether you require regular shredding or a one-time service. We also provide a tailored service that suits your business, so you won't feel pressured into repeat scheduling or services you don't need.

4. Environmentally Friendly: Direct365 is committed to recycling, which means that by using our confidential shredding service, your company can reduce its carbon footprint and enhance its green credentials.

5. Wide Range of Materials: Our confidential shredding service is not limited to paper documents. We can also shred USB devices and even items like ex-employee uniforms, ensuring a comprehensive approach to data protection.

6. Cost and Time Efficiency: Outsourcing shredding to us can save businesses time and money. It eliminates the need for purchasing and maintaining shredding equipment, and allows employees to focus on their core tasks rather than document destruction.

7. Reputation Management: By using a professional confidential shredding service like Direct365, businesses can demonstrate to their customers and stakeholders that they take data protection seriously, which can enhance you own reputation that customers know you take data protection seriously.

Our confidential shredding services offer a secure, convenient, and environmentally friendly solution for businesses to dispose of their sensitive information, helping them to stay compliant with data protection laws, save resources, and maintain a positive reputation.

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Of course, it's not just shredding services that we do, you may also want to see our full waste management solutions.

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