From 6th April, the new Workplace Recycling Regulations will come into effect across Wales and will become law for all businesses, charities, and public sector organisations to segregate their waste for recycling.

What Will Change?

To improve the quality and quantity of recycling from workplaces, recycling will be separated into six waste streams.

The following materials will need to be separated for collection, and collected separately:

  • Food
  • Paper and Card
  • Glass
  • Metal, plastic, and cartons
  • Unsold textiles
  • Unsold small waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)

All non-recyclable waste will need to be placed into a General Waste Container and contamination charges may apply for incorrectly separated waste.

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is responsible for making sure that materials are being separated and collected correctly and if you do not If you do not comply with the law, it could mean a fine for your workplace.


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How Will This Affect My Business?

Workplaces will need to separate the above materials for recycling and arrange for the waste to be collected separately from other waste. This may involve amending your current waste arrangements to comply with the new Workplace Recycling Regulations.

The main change will be that the items placed in Dry Mixed Recycling Bins will now need to be segregated further into the following:

  • Paper and Card
  • Plastic and Metal (i.e cans)

Who is Responsible for Meeting These New Requirements?

It is the responsibility of each workplace to dispose of and segregate their waste correctly, if this is not done in line with legislation then this can result in a Fixed Monetary Penalty (FMP) from Natural Resource Wales (NRW) of £300 for each instance of non adherence. 

How can Direct365 help?

To support our customers through this change in legislation and to ensure your waste collection will be complying to the Workplace Recycling Regulations, we can review current waste collections and propose the appropriate changes in order to comply. We offer a range of waste management services to ensure your always compliant.

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