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WEEE Electrical Recycling & Disposal

Use our professional WEEE recycling and computer recycling services and rest assured that your waste electricals are recycled in full compliance with the government WEEE directive.

We've partnered with the best in the business to offer an ethical and trustworthy electronics recycling service to businesses of any size. It couldn't be simpler to use our WEEE recycling service, simply tell us about the equipment you wish to recycle and we will arrange for an IT collection box to be sent to your business for you to fill with your redundant computers. After your collection box is filled we will arrange for our courier to promptly collect it from your business and our IT professionals will ensure that your waste computer equipment is wiped free of data and ethically recycled. We can tailor our service to your needs, whether you need just one collection box or several, we will send them to you and ethically recycle all of your old IT and electrical equipment for a minimal fee.

As well as providing an expert computer recycling service, we will also ensure that any sensitive information which may have been stored on your old equipment, is completely destroyed. Data theft can be a serious issue for any business, whether it’s an old laptop or a corrupted hard drive, electrical goods often contain information that could be exploited in the wrong hands. Don’t run the risk of having your data stolen; use our WEEE recycling service to keep your data safe.

Get in touch for a free quote today and together we will ensure that your electrical waste is wiped free of any sensitive information before it is ethically recycled.

  • Reliable and Secure
    All equipment is transported securely and held in specialised facilities by security checked personnel.
  • Full Data Removal
    All computer data is wiped from old equipment to HMG Infosec 5 standard before recycling.
  • Tailored to your Business
    No matter the size, we cater to the WEEE recycling needs of large corporations or small businesses.
  • Fast & Hassle-free Collection
    Collection of your IT boxes can be arranged when requested and will occur during business hours.

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How our WEEE Service Works

No matter the scale of your business, we can accept all of the following computer equipment and ensure that it is wiped free of all data before being ethically recycled:

  • PCs and old computers
  • Keyboards
  • Optical and ball mice
  • Monitors (CRT, TFT, LCD and flat screen)
  • Networking equipment (including routers, hubs and switches)
  • Computer components (circuit boards, wires, cables & power supplies)
  • Computer accessories (disk drives, external hard drives etc.)

Ensuring that your customers' sensitive data is protected to the full extent of the law can be difficult, especially when disposing of computers and electrical waste that are particularly vulnerable to data theft. The government can impose substantial fines and even prison sentences if confidential information is not kept secure by UK businesses in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Use our WEEE recycling service and we will ensure that the data stored on your redundant computers is kept secure until it is completely destroyed to HMG INfosec 5 standard, one of the most thorough and effective data wiping standards in the industry. In the unlikely event that any data still remains on any of your waste equipment, it will be shredded and destroyed in a specialised facility to prevent any possible risk of data loss.

The government has released statistics which state that an estimated 2 million tonnes of Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment are discarded by businesses and homeowners every year. As a result of this, the government has put in place the WEEE Directive, placing a legal obligation for businesses to responsibly recycle their old IT and electrical equipment to prevent it from ending up in landfills.

Our WEEE recycling service will help your business to protect the environment by recycling and refurbishing your waste equipment in an ethical way that meets the government's legal obligations. Through our service your unwanted equipment will be fully recycled and could even be refitted to give essential support within schools, hospitals and charities.