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Live Office Plant Hire & Servicing

Live Office Plant Hire & Servicing
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  • Variety Of Sizes & Colours
    Choose from a wide range of plant pot designs to suit your business
  • Professional Service
    Our expert technician’s will keep your plants looking fresh and vibrant
  • Health Benefits
    Having just a couple of plants will improve air quality in your office
  • Hanging Baskets
    Our beautiful hanging baskets will transform your exterior areas
  • Flexible Servicing
    Our technicians will arrive at a time that’s convenient for your business

Adding a splash of colour to your office with some greenery can not only make for a brighter and more pleasant atmosphere, but studies have shown that employees are much more productive in workplaces with plants over those without. Our Office Plant Hire service is an affordable and easy way to give your office a more attractive and fresh look with a whole range of exotic and traditional plants available with expert care and maintenance.

With dozens of plants to choose from, our Office Plant Rental experts will suggest some of the most popular and suitable species for your type of business or working environment. We also offer a wide range of attractive pots and containers in all sorts shapes, styles, sizes and colours so that you can choose the right ones to suit your business.

  • Decreased Stress – Studies conducted in Surrey University have shown that employees working in offices with plants felt less stressed than those without. More than that, visual exposure to plants was also shown to improve recovery from stress and reduce blood pressure.
  • Productivity Increased – A working environment outfitted with plants is often a more productive workplace than one without plants, as studies in Texas A&M University proved that reaction times and attentiveness increased by up to 12% as a result of adding plants to the workspace.
  • Cut Costs – Plants cool the air temperature around them by around 10°F through a process called transpiration. This helps to keep offices cooler, reducing air conditioning costs; in fact the effect of one young and healthy tree is equivalent to 10 air conditioning units running 20 hours a day!
  • Improved Comfort – Plants naturally regulate humidity levels to 30-60%, which just happens to be the ideal amount for human comfort indoors. Plants don't just benefit people but buildings too, as they combat drying and cracking in wood and exterior walls due to their humidifying effect.
  • Reduce Sickness – Sick Building Syndrome is a very real phenomenon caused by certain types of pollutant materials sealed and office buildings that have a restricted inflow of fresh air. Plants combat this effect by naturally improving air quality and reducing mould and airborne bacteria by 60%; saving your business significant amounts of lost time and money on sick-pay.
  • Noise Absorption – Workspaces can often be filled with high levels of noise from printers, coffee machines, telephones and chatter, which can all be very distracting and even contribute towards stress. Instead of expensive and unsightly dividers, plants offer a natural and attractive alternative that when placed in loud areas, can reduce noise by 5 dB.

We can provide and deliver a whole variety of exotic and traditional potted plants to your business and install them wherever required. Our green-fingered experts will also service them for up to 3 years, keeping them regularly watered and nurturing them to ensure they stay striking and colourful.

Our plant rental service also offers you a widechoice of plant pots and containers to suit the feel of your business, whether it be a modern, contemporary office, a traditional workspace or something else entirely. The containers can be square, round or delta-shaped, with different sizes ranging from 1.5 metres or 1.2 metres down to a cosy 50cm desk plant, to allow a perfect fit in any area or corner.

Our plant pots are also available in a wealth of stylish and vibrant colours:

  • Black
  • White
  • Grey Silver
  • Lime
  • Green

Rented plants come with a 3 year service contract, meaning that our technicians will maintain and care for them each week for the length of your contract. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy your freshly transformed office.

First impressions really count, and the same should apply to your business premises.

Hanging baskets and flower troughs are a sure fire way to brighten up the exterior of your humble office, pub, restaurant or shop. With our installation services and optional automatic watering system installation service, you won’t need to worry about anything.

We can install systems that are purpose built to water your plants on a set schedule to keep them healthy and looking great - all we need to do is hook it up to your water supply. For businesses with less time and resources for watering plants on a regular basis, this is the perfect solution.

Get in touch today to add a bright, natural touch to your workplace environment.