The U.K. isn’t known for dangerous creepy crawlies, but while the normally mild summers and cool winters don’t encourage awful insects to stick around for long, there are a number of critters that call our country home. When looking for services such as pest control, you often need to know if what you’re dealing with is dangerous. But which ones are most dangerous and which are you likely to come across?

Pest Control – Which Are Most Dangerous?


Are mosquitos in the U.K dangerous? Generally, they aren’t. In other countries they often carry harmful diseases and illnesses, but in Britain this is rare, if ever. Mosquito bites often cause redness and itchiness, but there’s usually nothing to worry about. While it isn’t nice, you should be fine.


Adders are poisonous but don’t worry. While they have caused deaths, the context there should be cause for relief. There have only been 14 adder related deaths in this country since 1876. These slithery fellows are found in long grass, most commonly in Scotland but also Western Wales and areas of the South of England. While not common, it’s always worth keeping an eye out in these places.

Yellow Tail Scorpion

Whenever you say the word ‘scorpion’ you always assume the worst. And while this scorpion can be found in the U.K, it occupies very certain areas. Most commonly found in the Kent and Hampshire areas, close to dockyards.

This may seem daunting to those who live or visit these areas, yet there’s not much to worry about. The sting from a yellow tail scorpion is minor, offering little threat to humans. The sting is similar in pain to a bee sting, and is largely harmless to people.

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Biting Spiders (False Widow)

A fear of spiders is incredibly common throughout the world. And in Britain, because of the climate in the cooler months, we often encounter spiders entering our homes. You’re not likely to need pest control with spiders but they can still be worrying.

In recent years, reports of the worrisome false widow spider have grown, with much being made of the potential for the spider to bite.

The fact is that out of the 600+ types of spiders in the U.K. today, only 12 species have ever been noted to have bitten someone. The fact is that no spider in the U.K. has the ability to kill a healthy human on its own. Venom from a bite from a false widow is usually noted to cause irritation, swelling and soreness. Without infection, this is usually harmless and gets better shortly after being bitten.

Image of a false widow spider

Bees and wasps

These bugs are a yearly irritant to humans, with bees and wasps coming out during spring and summer months.

Getting stung by a bee or wasp does hurt. Yet, unless you have an allergy to either of these bugs, you should be fine. There will be pain and the sting will be irritating for a while, but that’s likely to be all. You may suffer pain, but in the danger spectrum, bees and wasps are pretty low.

Flying Ants

Flying ants are truly annoying. But the level of danger they offer is very low. The usual irritant with these bugs is that a couple of times a year, there will be a ‘flying ant day’, where millions of flying ants across the country will leave behind their homes and look for a mate. This means that going outdoors can be kind of freaky.

It worth being careful though, flying ants, while often placid, can bite if aggravated. So, the best advice while around them is to leave them be. Their bites are harmless, but nobody wants a little nibble.

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