Since the dawn of the business world, two particular symbols symbolise the triumph of a company.  No, not Rolexes, hiring private charter jets or a verified Twitter profile.

Simply. Your own building, and a welcoming entrance mat.

Everything else can come later.

Follow on to hear the four reasons why an entrance mat is a superb idea for your business.


Health and safety

Entrance business mats

Practical purpose –  Slips, trips and falls make up 41% of workplace injuries; business owners have a Duty of Care to ensure health and safety measures are in place to avoid these kinds of accidents.

One thing to consider when placing an entrance mat is the level of absorbency. If placed in a busy environment this reduces gradually with time; interval servicing can keep it spic and span.

All of the mats that we provide will be serviced on a schedule that suits your business; dry those dirty shoes and reduce the likelihood of a fall.

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Set a good impression.

professional door mats

Getting rid of all that dirt is a win-win situation. Not only does it reduce risk but, at the same time, it helps to create a clean atmosphere.  With all the mud and outside debris collected, you can be safe and certain that guests and customers will see your company for what it is. Professional.

With an adequate supply of well-maintained floor mats, you can massively reduce the amount of dirt that gets trampled into your workplace.



Define Your brand

logo design mats

When entering the front doors of your business, a personalised mat sets the best impression. You own that building, that company. It solidifies your presence and brings the brand to life.

We have a huge selection of styles and sizes to choose from, and all of them are professionally installed by our expert technicians as part of our service.

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Highlight hazards or signpost to different areas

hazard mats

You can even use them to highlight important information. If you have a steep step, place one down to warn people of the potential hazard.

Maybe you have a promotion happening and want a quirky way of letting customers know.


Mats made for talking, not just walking on.


Direct365 Business Mat Service

At Direct365, we provide floor care solutions to various types of industries to improve hygiene, health and safety from the front door and beyond.

We believe every business should have the finishing touch of a clean, well-maintained mat.

See what we can do for you today.

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