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Lateral Flow Test Kit Disposal

Lateral Flow Test Kit Disposal
  • Government approved disposal
    Our service follows guidelines on safe and compliant waste collections and incineration
  • Clear bag service
    We can provide you with the right bags and we can collect any bags you may already have
  • Expert waste guidance
    Confused by new services? Don't worry, we're here to help with free, straightforward advice
  • PPE disposal also available
    Properly dispose of gloves, masks & aprons with our comprehensive clinical waste services
  • Get a FREE quote today
    Enquire online or call us for a quick, no-obligation price quote tailored to your needs
  • Nationwide service
    Our reliable services are available for all types and sizes of businesses up and down the UK

Rapid testing kits are growing in popularity across the UK, ideal for places like Nursing Homes, Schools and Universities for carrying out quick on-site tests that indicate whether COVID-19 antigens are present.

However, because these kits don’t get sent to any lab, you’re then left with the responsibility of disposing of them once you’ve used them.

For safe, government-approved disposal, call 0808 274 9742 or fill out an online query form today for a quick and free quote.

You need a specific “clear bag” service. Do not put them in your general waste stream, or other clinical waste streams like your infectious or hazardous waste bins.

The kit, including all parts that have encountered the chemical solution, needs to be incinerated. Separate the kits from any other waste and place in a clear, plastic bag to be collected for incineration.

The packaging can be put in your recycling or general waste streams as normal, and the PPE used to administer the test should be separated and disposed of with a certified offensive waste service. If you need to arrange this PPE waste service, or increase your current capacities, then we can sort that for you too!

We provide trusted Waste Management services across the UK, sourcing the best prices for all types and sizes of workplaces nationwide.

Our Test Kit disposal follows government guidelines and ensures to keep your business safe and compliant. We only use reliable licenced waste carriers who will conduct a hassle-free, COVID-safe service.

Our comprehensive 12-month contract includes waste transfer notes with every collection, bag provisions, flexibility to extra capacities and an expert customer care team on hand to offer advise with any queries.

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