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What does your nursery need?

When working with children, it is imperative that you ensure your nursery is safe, clean and hygienic at all times, this is where we come in. At Direct365, rest assured that you will find everything you need including;

  • Dry Mixed Recycling, e.g. Food and drinks cans, and cardboard packaging
  • Glass Recycling, e.g. Glass bottles, and jars
  • Safety Testing, e.g. PAT Testing, Fixed Wire Testing, and Fire Alarm Testing
  • Commercial Waste, e.g. non-recyclable waste
  • Clinical & Healthcare Waste, e.g. nappy waste, swabs, and plasters

Nappies & Other Types of Clinical Waste

Clinical & Healthcare Waste may sound like it is only suitable for medical institutions, but that is not the case as it covers a range of different types of waste.

What does Clinical & Healthcare Waste include?

Clinical & Healthcare Waste includes Nappy Waste. Nappy Waste is important to dispose of correctly which is why our flexible service is designed to be tailored to your needs.

Does Nappy Waste require its own bin?

Yes, nappy bins are an important part of any baby changing facility. Our service is flexible to your needs and if you require indoor or outdoor bins then we can provide them.

What other services might I need?

You may require our Offensive Waste service, which takes care of things such as oils and chemicals, batteries, needles and syringes, and swabs and dressings.

To get the best deal on Clinical & Healthcare Waste, fill in the form or give us a call. 

Commercial Waste

Commercial waste, also known as General waste, is one of if not the most common type of waste. With recycling taking more prominence, what classifies as commercial waste is becoming harder to define. Think of the waste you place in a black bin at home. It’s essentially the same type of waste here.

What do I do with waste that cannot be recycled?

Simply place it in to black bin bags and place it in one of our many sizes of general waste bins. The size of bin is up to you but it is important to think of how much waste is produced when choosing a bin. We can help you choose the right bin.

What size bins are available?

The smallest capacity of bin that is available is 240 litres, which fits 3-5 full bin bags. The largest size of bin on offer has an 1100 litre capacity, able to fit in between 15-20 bin bags.

If you are unsure what size bin you need then get in touch and we can help you get the right service for you.


Recycling is an important aspect to any business, not least because of the laws and regulations surrounding it. Making sure you effectively and responsibly recycle will keep you fully compliant.

What types of recycling do you offer?

We offer a numerous number of different recycling services that cover a wide range of waste. The most common types of recycling include Dry Mixed Recycling and Glass Recycling.

Does Dry Mixed Recycling mean things like paper?

Yes, as well as paper, Dry Mixed Recycling is the recycling of things such as food and drinks cans, and cardboard.

At Direct365, we will be able to handle all of your recycling needs and make it hassle free for you.

Safety Services

Health and safety is crucial to any business. The importance is increased when children are involved, who at the best of times are unpredictable. The services we offer include PAT Testing, Fixed Wire Testing, Fire Alarm and Extinguisher Testing, and more.

What is PAT Testing?

PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) Testing is the testing of any piece of electrical equipment that is plugged in to the mains, TVs, radios, computers, etc. The recommended time to get testing varies on the business and what equipment it has. Give us a call to find out when you should get your equipment tested.

If PAT Testing covers equipment that is plugged in, Fixed Wire Testing is for the plug sockets themselves?

In a word, yes. Fixed Wire Testing covers the plug sockets, switches, as well as the lights in the building. Paperwork is required for proof that the testing was conducted as the testing is compulsory for legal compliance. You won’t have to worry about that though, as we will cover everything with regards to paperwork.

What does Fire Alarm Testing cover?

Fire Alarm Testing covers the whole system, e.g. the manual call points (the glass you break to set the alarm off), the smoke detectors, sirens, etc. The testing is thorough to ensure that every part of the system is up to the correct standards.

Do fire extinguishers also need testing?

Yes, Fire Extinguisher Testing will cover the maintenance and testing of any fire extinguishers available. Another thing that will be looked at is the type and class of fire extinguishers. There are different types of fire extinguisher that use different chemicals and they can only be used on different objects that have caught fire. Our experts will make sure that you have the right extinguishers as well.

Anything else related to fire safety?

There is also Emergency Lighting Testing, which looks at all of the signs in your premises. We look at batteries, switches, lighting, and controls. We will also assess the locations of the emergency lighting to see if they are best positioned should a fire happen.

To get the most comprehensive safety testing available, give us a call or fill in the form.

Other Important Services

We also offer other important services that will help you in the smooth running of your nursery in a safe and effectively as possible.

  • Sanitary Bins – The sanitary bins that we offer are discreet and fit in modern washrooms. We offer the perfect bins for every business.
  • Air Freshening – Keep the premises smelling fresh with our range of air fresheners. We have free installation as well as flexible servicing options.

We also have a wide range of products as well as services. To find out more, go to our supplies site or give us a call.

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