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Hazardous clinical and sharps waste must be disposed of in line with the law; ensure your studio meets Duty of Care requirements with our specialist waste disposal.

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How can Direct365 help your Studio?

It can be hard to keep up with the many different aspects of running a Tattoo Studio; things like Waste Management, electrical safety and general supplies often become costly and time consuming for small to medium businesses. That’s where we come in – we’re Direct365, here to help your Studio run smoothly by keeping you compliant to business regulations.

We compare suppliers nationwide to get the best price on a range of services, allowing us to provide Studios with bespoke deals to suit a range of needs. We’ve got plenty of experience in keeping tattooists compliant and safe – browse our professional services below to find out more.


Sharps are hazardous and must be disposed of in line with the law. Tattooists have a Duty of Care to ensure health risks are minimised in the process of throwing away needles, so having a sharps bin is a legal obligation. We’ll provide you with the right bin for your Studio and even handle collections and incineration with our expert Waste Management service.

Then there’s the issue of clinical waste (nope, this doesn’t just apply to medical institutions!), which includes items like:

  • Used ink caps and leftover ink
  • Paper towels
  • Plastic protective coverings
  • Leftover ointment and containers
  • Protective gloves
  • Used cotton swabs and wipes

Our clinical waste service will ensure that waste of this nature is disposed of safely and legally, with a collection schedule tailored to your convenience. Enquire online or call 0800 612 9588 for a free quote.

We don’t just sort out sharps and clinical waste, we’re experts in all commercial waste disposal including general waste collections. Our flexible contracts work around your requirements, providing a range of bin sizes and collection times to suit your Studio.

Because we’re up-to-date with UK legislation, your Studio will be too. We can even help with recyclingtoo! Our eco-friendly ethos will save you money on landfill charges and allow your Studio to boast green initiatives. For more information and a no obligation quote, call 0800 612 9588 or enquire online today.

The Electricity at Work Regulations require Studios to have a record of safety measures in place to prevent electrical hazards and accidents. Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) will identify faulty electricals and acts as a safety net in the event of any accidents and insurance claims.

With Direct365, minor repairs are included for free and our professional engineers are fully accredited to perform a full service throughout your Studio, testing all appliances in one easy visit – including tattoo guns, autoclaves, ultrasound cleaners and more.

Even new products will benefit from a visual check, so make sure you have a PAT record for all your Studio’s appliances; enquire online or call 0800 612 9588 to find out more.

Don’t overlook the importance of washroom facilities in your Studio. Think of customers’ toilet breaks during long pieces and give them some much-needed comfort by providing a well-stocked and convenient washroom.

Get products and services from one place with Direct365, including:

  • Sanitary waste bins and collections
  • Hand dryers
  • Air freshening solutions
  • Dispensers and refills for soap, lotion, paper towels, toilet paper and more
  • Vending machines
  • Water saving devices

Browse our washroom suppliesor, to find out more about services, make an online enquiry or call 0800 612 9588.


We’ve helped over 700 tattooists nationwide with competitively-priced products and services. Direct365 is the place to go for all your Studio’s needs, whether that’s a new defibrillator. We even supply Crocodoil skincare including premium tattoo lubricant for use during tattooing and a range of serums for rapid healing.

If you’d like some guidance on any of the services we offer then our helpful customer care team are only a phone call away, or you enquire online for a free, no obligation quote.

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