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Commercial Floor Mats

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At Direct365, we provide floorcare solutions to various types of industries to improve hygiene, health and safety from the front door and beyond. All businesses should be equipped with high quality mats helping to keep floors clean, well maintained and risk free whilst looking good the whole time.

With limitless design opportunities, professional servicing and a Royal Warrant, our hardwearing mats are the top choice for your business. Choose Direct365 for loose or fitted mats in a range of specialist designs with anti-fatigue, drainage and heavy duty features and get regular laundering or on-site servicing to keep them in great condition.

Slips, trips and falls make up 41% of workplace injuries; business owners have a Duty of Care to ensure health and safety measures are in place to avoid these kinds of accidents. Having a reliable mat service lowers the danger of spillages and will help prevent harmful instances – not just around entrance and exit doors, but also in washrooms, kitchens, lifts and more. Get in touch on 0808 163 9660 for more information and a quick quote!

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All About Our Commercial Floor Mats Services

We supply and maintain business purpose floor mats in a wide variety of styles, colours, sizes and shapes. Our standard mats are made from a crush resistant nylon pile that is both durable and colourfast, so they stay effective even with prolonged use and don't fade under light.

The special design of our mats helps to conceal dirt and trap moisture, making them ideal for protecting entrance ways from all weather. The trapped moisture evaporates overnight leaving the mat fresh and dry for the next day. The mats also contain carbon filaments making them static-resistant too, which means your equipment and visitors will be kept safe from unexpected static shocks.

As well as standardised floor mats, our range also includes the following specialised mats to suit all sorts of requirements:

  • Printed Logo Mat – Give your business a personal touch with a customised printed logo mat featuring a photographic image, personalised design or slogan. These mats are manufactured from extremely strong yarn and are available in an array of shapes and sizes.
  • Tuff Mat – As its name suggests, this mat is very tough and durable and is ideal as the first line of defence against the elements. Manufactured from fade-proof and UV resistant materials, it performs well in all weather conditions making it a perfect entrance mat.
  • Ultra Mat - Ideal for areas with walked-in grease, oil and heavy duty dirt, such as garages factories and workshops. The Ultra Mat is resistant to static making it safe around machinery and has an extra absorbent pile manufactured from nylon and cotton that removes and contains more dirt and moisture than other mats.
  • Anti-Bacterial Drainage Mat – Designed specifically for wet and greasy areas such as bars, catering halls and kitchens, this drainage mat is designed to combat bacteria with its anti-microbial materials. If that wasn’t enough, it also features a textured anti-slip and anti-fatigue design making it easy on your staff even when they’re rushing about on it.
  • Prostep Unicolour Mat - The Unicolour mat offers all the benefits of a standard mat plus a wide range of stylish colours to choose from. Unicolour mats also have the benefit of being available in a number of bespoke shapes and sizes, fitting perfectly into lifts and revolving doorways.

No matter what type of business you have, we have all the mats and servicing options that you could possibly need.

Our comprehensive service begins with choosing the right mats for your business. We have a huge selection of styles and sizes to choose from, and all of them are professionally installed by our expert technicians as part of our service.

All of the mats that we provide will be serviced on a schedule that suits your business; for those with higher footfall you may need more regular servicing than those with less frequent visitors. No matter how regularly your mats require maintenance, we will always provide a suitable replacement floor mat during each service so that your business is kept supplied with enough floor mats.

It may seem easy to simply purchase as many floor mats as your business requires, but in doing so you will not receive the benefits of our expert services, from installation through to keeping your mats maintained and clean. In almost all cases, using our serviced floor mats rather than buying them outright will save you time and money, and guarantee that your business is always furnished with clean and attractive mats.

Keeping your floor mats in good condition is more important than you may realise, particularly when you consider that approximately 70% of dirt that enters business premises is brought in under visitors’ feet. With an adequate supply of well maintained floor mats you can massively reduce the amount of dirt that gets trampled into your workplace, leaving you with a cleaner and tidier business for your customers to enjoy.

Another important benefit of using our service is that we will instantly reduce one of the most common types of accidents in the workplace by ensuring that your mats are professionally installed. With wear and tear floor mats can develop creases and lifted edges which can lead to some potentially serious slips and falls, but with our anti-slip mats, ‘lift and lay’ professional installation and regular servicing, your business' floors will be much safer at all times.