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Fire Extinguisher Servicing & Tests

We all know how important it is for businesses to have a good supply of fire extinguishers in case of emergency, but it is just important to keep those fire extinguishers maintained so that they can be relied on when they are needed most. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires UK businesses to have independent Fire Extinguisher Testing completed every year as well as carrying out fire risk assessment and removing potential fire hazards.

At Direct365 we can provide regular Fire Extinguisher Servicing that will fulfil both your legal and insurance requirements for your business; whilst giving you peace of mind.  We know it’s important that your business runs smoothly, which is why we work around you to find the best time to conduct an assessment.

With our Fire Extinguisher Service, you can rely on our professional engineers to arrive at your premises at a pre-arranged time with all the tools and equipment they need to immediately begin testing your extinguishers. Our specialists are also fully qualified to conduct a free Risk Assessment of your workplace including your lights, extinguishers and alarms, and can also perform minor repairs to help you pass all legal requirements.

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All About Our Fire Extinguisher Service and Testing

What is Fire Extinguisher Servicing?

Fire extinguishing testing and servicing is a legal requirement for any business. Testing and servicing for fire extinguishers looks at all the extinguishers in your business premises. If any minor repairs need doing then our experts can do them on the same day. This ensures that should the worst happen, everyone in your business is safe and no one gets injured.

We offer full and thorough checking of all components of fire extinguishers including:

Security Devices


Is it important to have the right fire extinguisher?

Knowing what fire extinguishers are suitable for your business is vital. There are six different classes of fire extinguisher and five types.

The different classes denote what kind of fire they are suitable to use on:

Class A - Paper, plastic and wood, among others
Class B - Oils, fuels and other flammable liquids
Class C - Flammables gases such as butane, methane, propane etc
Class D - Metals
Class E - Electrical equipment
Class F - Cooking oils, fats and other flammable ingredients

The five different types of fire extinguisher have different coloured strips on them to identify what type that it is:

Black - Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Red - Water
Blue - Dry Powder
Cream - Foam
Green - Halon (NOTE: Halon fire extinguishers are actually illegal except for use by armed forces including military vehicles, on aircraft, and in the Channel Tunnel. They were banned because they are the most damaging to the ozone layer. This is ironic because of the green colour used to identify them.)


What are the risks of not having the right fire extinguisher?

People can die if a fire can't be extinguished. Deaths by fires in the UK is increased by 15% in the last year, citing budget cuts to fire services being the main cause. With it being harder for the fire service to reach anyone in time, it's imperative that you have the right fire extinguishers for your business. The cost for a fire extinguisher to be serviced is significantly less than it would to repair your workplace after a major fire. 


Is Fire Extinguisher Servicing a legal requirement?

Yes, The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 is a legal need. It requires UK businesses to have independent Fire Extinguisher Testing completed every year. As well as carrying out fire risk assessment and removing potential fire hazards.

An updated version of the regulations that came into effect in January 2012, BS 5306 part 8 2012, changes the way that some extinguishers classify. Fire extinguishers that were previously acceptable to use for certain types of fire are no longer legal.

As the standards change, we will ensure that you keep up-to-date with what extinguishers are suitable for your business.

At Direct365, we strive to make sure that our customers receive the best service possible. Our fire extinguisher maintenance and servicing ensures that as an employer, you are compliant with BS3506 pt. 3 and BS EN3.

Full compliance with regulations and laws will give you the peace of mind that the service received is of the highest standard.

We will also work around your requirements, so that you have a service that tailors to the needs of your business. We will only come at a time that is convenient to you.

If you do end up with a fire at your workplace, then you can be sure that staff, visitors and anyone else will be safe.

We service all types of fire extinguisher to the required standard – keeping you and your business compliant. All of our experts and accredited by the relevant bodies necessary to guarantee a high quality service.

Our quotes are completely free, with a hassle-free service and no hidden charges.

Call today or contact us on live chat to enquire about our expert fixed wire testing service.

Here you can find more information regarding Fire Extinguisher testing and fire safety in general.

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