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Washroom Hygiene Services

Washroom Hygiene Services
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Nursey Waste Service will cover all of your nappy waste. This waste type is classed as “offensive waste”, so it’s important to have a service that follows hygiene regulations. At Direct365, we adhere to up-to-date UK legislation so that your business is always compliant.

Our licenced waste carriers will collect your nappy waste at a time that suits your business and dispose of it safely and in line with the law, providing waste transfer notes for free as part of you Duty of Care documentation.

Yes – hand sanitisers are an excellent solution for places where other hand washing facilities (e.g. soap, a sink, a dryer or hand towels) are unavailable. This includes offices, reception areas, healthcare environments and more. 

Staff and visitors expect a clean environment in washrooms, kitchens, workstations and beyond, so our dispensers are able to be installed wherever they’re necessary in your business.

You can check out our full Washroom & Hygiene supplies range for products that are in stock and ready for dispatch.

Yes – this service can include bins that are the right size and style for your washroom. Remember, our services are flexible and bespoke, so we’ll work around your preferences to provide exactly what you need at the best price.

When collecting your business’s sanitary waste, our specialists will exchange your liners and refresh your bin every time, so your bins are constantly clean and hygienic.

We’re proud to provide our reliable services NATIONWIDE. We compare suppliers up and down the UK to get a range of services at the best prices. Contact us for more information on what we can offer in your area!