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Nursing Homes produce lots of various healthcare waste – luckily, we dispose of all types of clinical waste with one simple, tailored and low-cost service.

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How can Direct365 help your Nursing Home?

Nursing Homes require a lot of behind-the-scenes assistance in order to stay safe and comply with the law. At Direct365, we provide a number of services to help your Nursing Home run smoothly, making us the one-stop-shop for all business needs.

We have your best interests in mind, including comfort and safety of staff and residents, cost-effective solutions and compliance to regulations. Read below to discover the various ways we can help your Nursing Home to become a hassle-free haven.


Nursing Homes create different types of healthcare waste, so it’d be handy to have them all covered in one comprehensive service. Luckily Direct365 can dispose of all types of healthcare waste with a service tailored to your Nursing Home’s needs, including:

  • Medicinal waste – we’ll dispose of medicines safely and lawfully
  • Hazardous pharmaceuticals – including cytotoxic and cytostatic drugs
  • Offensive waste – e.g. sanitary waste, incontinence pads, swabs and dressings
  • Sharps – we’ll provide the right bins for needles, syringes and other sharp instruments

Laws are pretty strict when it comes to healthcare waste; it’s vital to stay compliant, but it doesn’t have to be hard work. We’ve got you covered with our industry knowledge and experience. For more guidance and a free quote on healthcare waste disposal, enquire online or call 0800 612 9588.


Pretty much every business, big or small, requires some kind of general waste collection. Our service is ideal for any size Nursing Home thanks to the flexible contracts, a range of bin sizes and tailored collection times. Even more ideal is our competitive pricing; we compare 100+ suppliers to get the right service at the lowest cost.

Our recycling service is an environmentally friendly solution for Nursing Homes. By investing in recycling, you can cut landfill chargesand be proud knowing your business is a place of green credentials and sustainable practices. Get more info and a no-obligation quote by calling 0800 612 9588 or enquire online.

Elderly and disabled users have greater needs when it comes to accessibility, safety and comfort; so there are a lot of amenities to consider to provide a more practical experience for Nursing Home residents.

Direct365 supply safety features like grab rails and seats, as well as washroom services like sanitary bins and air freshening solutions. We pride ourselves on knowing the requirements for a bespoke Nursing Home service, so call 0800 612 9588 for washroom queries or browse our range of products today.

You may know a lot or a little about Legionella, but what you need to know is that Nursing Homes face a greater risk and must have preventative measures in place. For a complete lowdown on Legionella in healthcare environments, read our blog here.

Legionnaires’ disease is a form of pneumonia caused by bacteria found in water. People at greater risk include:

  • Anyone over 45 years old
  • People with impaired immune systems
  • Those suffering from respiratory, kidney, lung or heart problems
  • People with diabetes, smokers and heavy drinkers

Good maintenance of water systems and proactive caution are vital preventative methods to reduce the risk of Legionella contamination.

Our LCA-certified engineers will tailor an action plan to your Nursing Home and provide health checks to monitor your water systems and minimise risks, keeping your business in line with The Health & Safety at Work Act. Get in touch online or call 0800 612 9588.

At Direct365, we don’t skimp on safety services. We’re all about compliance with ease, take our PAT Testing, Snow Clearance and Fire Extinguisher Servicing for example: with hassle-free servicing, accredited certification and qualified engineers, we’ll keep your Nursing Home running smoothly under any circumstances.

We’ve worked with more than 850 Nursing Homes nationwide, so we’re fully prepared to provide a bespoke package of the right services for you. Trust in Direct365 to keep your business up-to-date with UK laws; browse our services and contact our helpful team for your free, no-obligation quote.

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