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What does your nursing home need?

A nursing home will require a plethora of services that need to be conducted regularly. With the amount of laws and regulation in place, it is important to comply for the safety of everyone in the nursing home.

  • Legionella Testing - test your water supply for the potentially fatal Legionnaire’s disease.
  • Nurse Call Systems - get the call systems maintained and serviced to ensure that they work as intended.
  • Sanitary Bins - we have bins in various shapes and sizes to fit the needs of your nursing home.
  • Clinical & Healthcare Waste - get the waste services you need for the best care service possible with services such as sharps bins, pharmaceutical waste, and specific nursing home waste.
  • Commercial Waste - our commercial waste service will take care of any waste you have which cannot be recycled.

Clinical & Healthcare Waste

Having the right Clinical & Healthcare Waste is important for all nursing homes because of the different types of healthcare that may be needed.

How many types of waste does Clinical & Healthcare Waste include?

Clinical & Healthcare Waste includes a number of services such as: Sharps Bins, Hazardous Waste, Pharmaceutical Waste, and Offensive Waste.

Do you offer a specific service for Nursing Homes?

Yes we do, we have the Nursing Home Waste Service, tailored for the needs and requirements of nursing homes. This covers a number of different types of waste that would be found in a nursing home. Waste like cytotoxic and cytostatic waste, incontinence pads and waste, medicinal waste, pharmaceuticals, needles and sharps, swabs and dressing, and more.

To get a free quote, give us a call or fill in a form.

Sanitary Bins

Our sanitary bin service allows you to dispose of the waste in a clean and safe manner.

Does the bins service include disposal?

As part of the Sanitary Bins service, waste disposal is included. We will work to a time that suits you and won’t disrupt the daily running of the nursing home. As part of our service, you will receive new bins on every visit and the style of bins will fit the size necessary for your washrooms.

If you want to know more about our Sanitary Bin Service, or any other service, then give us a call or fill in a form.

Nurse Call Systems

Our Nurse Call Systems service is vital for any nursing home. Our contracts are based on an annual inspection and visit to your premises. Wired systems should have batteries replaced every 3 years and wireless systems once every 12 months.

Does the Nurse Call Systems service include anything else?

The service also includes 24 hour call out cover and support. All aspects of the service are carried out by a qualified engineer who will service the systems in accordance to HTM-08-03 guidelines.

For the best price on Nurse Call Systems, give us a call or fill in the form.

Commercial Waste

Commercial Waste, also referred to as General Waste, is a type of waste that every business produces. Anything placed in a black bin bag and placed in to a bin is classed as commercial waste.

What else is classed as commercial waste?

With the advancements in techniques that modern recycling use, this is getting harder to define. Generally speaking, commercial waste is identical to the waste you have at home that goes in to the black bin.

Are different sizes of bins available?

Yes, the range of bins we have starts at 240 litre capacity bins, big enough for 3-5 full bin bags. The largest size on offer is the 1100 litre bin, which can fit from 15-20 bin bags.

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Recycling Waste

With an increase in focus on recycling and looking after the planet, it’s now a legal requirement to recycle as much as possible.

What can be recycled?

We offer a variety of different recycling services which include Dry Mixed Recycling and Glass Recycling. Dry Mixed Recycling is for dry materials such as paper and cardboard and Glass Recycling is for recycling, well, glass.

To get the best recycling service for you, give us a call or fill in a form.

Legionella Testing

Legionella Testing is an important service for any business that has access to water and/or air conditioning. Nursing home residents tend to be more susceptible to infections and contracting Legionnaire’s disease can lead to pneumonia, which can be fatal.

How is Legionella Testing conducted?

Legionella Testing is conducted by accredited technicians who will analyse your water supply, our experts will perform microbiological and chemical analysis in order to identify how much bacteria is in the system.

Is Legionella Testing a legal requirement?

Yes, because of the severity of Legionnaire’s disease, it is a legal requirement. Not doing so is a breach of the Health and Safety Act, which could lead to a hefty fine.

Does Legionella need to be monitored?

Legionella does need to be monitored because it can return, even after treatment. Continuous monitoring will minimise the risk of outbreak and keep your nursing home up and running.

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