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Emergency Lighting Maintenance

Emergency Lighting Maintenance
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You want to be able to rely on Emergency Lighting to lead staff and visitors to safety in the event of a crisis. At Direct365, we’ll keep your lighting systems in full working order by testing all components, including switches, batteries, luminaries and control equipment.

Good business management includes taking responsibility for safety, knowing the law and acting on it – our professional service will help you with this, ensuring Emergency Lighting is always operational to guide people to exits in a power outage. Be one of thousands of UK businesses to trust in Direct365: call 0330 588 5957 now for a free, no obligation quote.

We’re the best in the business at keeping you safe. Our accredited safety engineers are trained in a range of services to keep your building hazard-free, functioning and compliant. And remember, you could save up to 30% by choosing Direct365!

Convenience is key, so we’ll arrange a maintenance schedule to suit your business, meaning no need for disruption. Our technicians will determine whether you need a 1 hour or 3 hour test, assess the placement of emergency lights to ensure they’re in the best location and even supply free certification as proof of all testing. What’s more, we do all this at the best price for your business.

Under the British Standards code 5266, a qualified technician needs to carry out the testing and certification of your Emergency Lighting. A risk assessment will make sure all lights meet legal guidelines on correct positioning, effectively guide people to a safe escape route and have a suitable duration of battery back-up.

The recommendation is that you have the lighting tested at least once a year. Regular maintenance will minimise risk of fatalities in an emergency, helping to keep your business safe and compliant. Prioritise safety and security and tick the correct legal boxes by sorting your business’s Emergency Lighting Maintenance today. 

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