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FREE Installation

FREE Installation

We will install and maintain our water saving devices

WRAS Approved Products

WRAS Approved Products

All our devices are recognised and accredited by WRAS

No-Hassle Maintenance

No-Hassle Maintenance

We take care of the replacement devices, so you don't have to

No Compromise on Hygiene

No Compromise on Hygiene

Our devices are efficient without compromising on hygiene

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Water Saving Devices

Cost-cutting water saving devices for your washroom taps, toilets and urinals.

You can start saving money on your water bills today with our simple and maintenance-free water saving devices for your toilets, taps, cisterns and urinals.

We specialise in providing the best solution for saving water in your washrooms with our award winning range of state-of-the-art water saving devices. With free installation and maintenance, we offer the most complete and reliable service in the country with products that are guaranteed to save you money.

You can trust in our water saving devices as they're all WRAS approved which means you'll get the best technology available on the market whilst helping to preserve the environment.

Adequate Washroom Services

Your business must provide adequate washroom services that include clean water, soap and a method to dry hands. Choose one of Direct365’s washroom services to ensure your facilities are at a high standard.

96% of customers look for negative reviews before shopping

96% of customers look for negative reviews before shopping. Don’t let your washroom give your small business a bad reputation that you can’t recover from.

Why Choose Direct365?

Our intelligent water control devices give the best balance of hygiene and cost to save your business money and meet the water usage requirements of Water Supply Regulations. Our designs are user-friendly, requiring no extra effort with each use, and provide long-lasting solutions with minimal maintenance.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes trust in our washroom expertise; we deliver professional services nationwide and will work with you to find a time that suits your workplace.

Saving water directly translates into saving your business money – with free installation, regular maintenance and a variety of sleek finishes, there really is no better place to get all your washroom needs. For more information, call us on 0800 612 9688.

Our Washroom Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do your water saving appliances work?

Choose from a range of bestselling devices to reduce water wawww.without compromising on cleanliness, including:

Urinal flush control – our Flow-saver® is designed to reduce water usage in your urinals by approximately 70%

Toilet flush control – this award-winning device saves up to 3 litres per flush, is adjustable to suit your cistern and lasts for the lifetime of your toilet

Water saving taps – the SaverTap® converts your existing taps to make them more efficient as a push-type operation, saving up to 80% of water

Urinal sleeves – our award-winning Eco-shield® will help to save up to 96% water, reduce blockages and produce a pleasant fragrance (it’s even kind on the environment with no harsh chemicals thanks to the bio-degradable bio-block)

Cistern sanitisers – look after your cisterns with our sanitiser dispenser and fluid, dispensing every 2 hours to protect against limescale build-up, E. coli, E. Faecalis and underlying causes of malodour

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