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Water Saving Devices

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Water Saving Devices
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Flow-saver® Urinal Flush

Our most popular water saving device is our Flow-saver® which is specially designed to reduce water usage in your urinals.

The device controls the water flow and prevents flushing when your washroom isn't being used, and provides minimal flushing when it is.

* Save up to 96% water (avg. 70%)
* Programmable to flush in intervals
* Hygiene flush every 12 hours
* Patented Infrared technology detects movement

Find the best balance between hygiene and cost with intelligent urinal flush control to save your business money, and meet the Water Supply Regulations 1999 requirements of water usage.

Toilet Flush Control

This award winning flush control device is designed to greatly reduce water consumption in WC toilets. It can save up to 3 litres per flush, doesn't compromise on hygiene, is adjustable to suit your cistern and lasts for the lifetime of your toilet.

Let us help with some quick maths:
- An average person uses the toilet 3 times per day
- The flush control saves 3 litres per flush
- That's a saving of 9 litres per person, per day
- Multiply this across 240 office days in the year...
- The saving is 2,160 litres per person, per year

Saving water translates straight into saving your business money:

Over a year 2,160 litres of water equates to a saving of £5 per person. Therefore, if your office has 250 staff, then 250 x £5 = £1,250 per year reduction on your water bills.

Water Saving Taps

Reducing water wastage through your existing taps is easy with our SaverTap device. It's clever design converts your existing taps to make them more efficient as a push-type operation. These handy water saving devices can save up to 80% of water!

Our SaverTap is also WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved which gives you reassurance and peace of mind that you're getting trusted devices.

Urinal Sleeves

Using the award winning Eco-sheild Urinal Sleeve in your washroom will help to save up to 96% water, reduce blockages, produce a pleasant fragrance and is a no-hassle service.

The bio-degradable bio-block is gentle on the environment as there are no harsh chemicals used. Find out more about how we can help reduce your water usage and call our friendly Customer Services team today.

Cistern Sanitiser

Taking care of your urinal and toilet cisterns will ensure they remain in good working order for a long time. With help from our Cistern Sanitiser and Sanitising Fluid, it dispenses every 2 hours to protect against limescale build-up, E.coli, E.faecalis and underlying causes of malodour.

With free installation, regular maintenance and white or chrome finishes; we'll ensure your washroom is a pleasant experience every time.

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Water Saving Devices

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